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1976 Catherine's Letter -Oct.10

Sunday evening
October 10, 1976

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary Virginia,

Hi!  Thanks for your most recent letter.  I will pass it on to Roberta in the next day or two, whenever I see her.  I helped her move into her new place yesteray morning while Gerry was working.  She has a nice room there at the Y, quite cosy but adequate.  It will be interesting to see how things work out with her there and also on the job scene.  She has had some possibilities and I would guess that something definite will happen in the next few days.  We enjoyed having her stay here with us.  She and Gerry didn't have any personality conflicts or anything.  I'm glad we got our sofa bed so she had a place to sleep, but the apartment was still a bit small for three people, especially with the bathroom off the bedroom.

We hope maybe sometime after the first of the year we will get a larger apartment and then perhaps buy some more furniture so we could get an unfurnished apartment.  No rush on that though.

You are still welcome to come out at Christmas if you change your minds and decide to come.  We were thinking maybe we would go away but I think instead we will stick around here.  We have offered Gerry's sister, Debby a trip out here at Christmas but we haven't heard whether she can come or not.  I don't know what Roberta's plans will be.  It probably depends on where she is working and what their vacation schedule will be.  Deedee is going up to L.A. for the 24th-26th so we are going to have our Christmas for her on the 23rd.

We went together with Roberta and picked out something from Sears for Dad's birtday.  It should be arriving this week as we ordered it yesterday and they said it would take about 5 days.  So he can open it or save it for his birthday as he desires.  We also sent something to John yesterday from Sears.  So we were late for one birthday and early for the other one.

Things are going well for me at work.  They fired a girl who had been there longer than me, and gave me a $25.00/month raise which isn't all that much but I guess it shows that they think I'm doing something.  Gerry has been running the parts dept. at IH this past week as the manager was out sick 3.5 days.

Roberta picked up her package at Joan of Arc and also some other mail or so I understand.  They have several diet type restaurants around San Diego.  One is a chain called Weight-Wise where Roberta ate lunch and another one called Light-Side where we ate lunch with her yesterday.  They give you the # of oz. for everything  on the menu plus how many calories.

We went for a bike ride this morning and got really hot so we decided to go swimming when we got back home.  Yestserday it was in the 90's and today it got up into the high 80's but the water in the swimming pool was pretty chilly.  We hadn't been swimming in over a month.  This afternoon we took DeeDee bowling and then went to Organ Power for a pizza.  They have a big Wurlitzer orchestra organ and the organist plays practically anything you care to request while people sit at picnic tables and eat the pizza.

Well, I have other letters I have to write so I better get them done.  Write again soon!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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