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1973 Roberta's letter -Nov.23

Life continues in Lake Worth in the fall of 1973.  Not a surprise that Roberta would win a prize for caring.  Congratulations, forty years later, Roberta, for still being tops in showing the spirit and reality of caring!  Assume the "big trip" mentioned for several of the Hortons would be to Senegal to see Joe.  Transcription follows.

November 23, 1973
Dear Family –

Hi!  I've been studying for the last hour so decided I better take a break!  HA!  I've been reading about the Puritans and how they thought the Quakers were a form of the devil!!  It's for my deviance class - we've really had lots of interesting readings for that class!!  I'm enjoying the class - even if I'm not doing so hot in it grade-wise!  (Ho, Hum!!)

Have I got news!!  First off – Burdine's is having a contest  "showing the true spirit of caring" - the contest started last week and will last for four weeks. There is a winner each week and then on of those four (the top winner) will get $100.00!!  So guess what?  I won for last week!!  I got a box of candy and a centerpiece for winning the weekly prize.  Everyone thought it was funny that I should win a box of candy.  The Hortons are all enjoying it.  It was wrapped up & everything!!

The winner is picked mostly by the other employees – but also by the personnel dept.  I guess they asked so many customers.  needless to say - I'm quite happy about winning!  I'd love to win that $100.00 -- but I feel lucky just to have won the first week!!

All day today we were so busy – (at work) - they day sure went fast!  Tomorrow I work from 9:10 till 6:10 and I imagine it will be another busy day!

It was good talking to you all last night.  John – how did the drivers license go?  Did you drive the new car so the state highway patrol man could listen to the tape player?? (HA!)

I don't think I told you all that I got my hair cut again - it feels good to have it short again!

We had a really nice Thanksgiving – except that Uncle Bill's brother was sick, and that was too bad.  We all ate out at the club-house of the trailer park where they live.  I stayed W.W. completely.  I'm bound to lose five more pounds!!

My last psychology test was the worst one yet.  Now there is only the final left.  I guess my days of getting good grades are over.  I knew it wouldn't last forever! (HA!)

Rob is really getting excited about "his big trip."  So is Cris – we usually hear from him every few days. (by phone!)

Aunt Mary sure appreciated the Malaria pills.  She divided them all up and sent Marianne & Diane enough to get them started; then Rob or Cris will take them up the rest.  Rob had all his shots all-ready.

Ralph Nader is going to speak at F.A.U. this Wednesday night.  That's the night I have class at 7:00 – but Dorothy & I are planning on leaving at 8:00 and going to hear him.  Dorothy lives in West Palm Beach and is also a Criminal Justice major.

I just now got done eating by bed-time pudding –– rasberry [sic] coconut tonight.  Also just had a half of grapefruit!  Am sure glad they (& oranges) have really come in season – as they sure are much better tasting. (AND CHEAPER!!)

Well – I've got to get to bed.

Love, Berta

P.S.  Sure hope you found a fat picture of me – as I said before I need it for W.W.
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