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1973 Catherine's letter -Nov.2

Catherine uses her last sheet of neon green stationery. Transcription follows. I remember going to visit the Nearings but evidently that was a different trip if I didn't go on this one. They were an impressive couple, but I did not have her motivation or abilities for that type of lifestyle. Transcription follows.

Friday Morning

November 2, 1973
Dear Mom, Dad, John & Mary,

Hi!  Thanks for the letter from Atlanta.  Sounds like you had a good time.  Hope you got home OK.  We had never heard of Farrell's.

X has gone to visit the Nearings [Helen & Scott] (authors of Living the Good Life) for 2 days.  They spoke at Nasson last week & he made arrangements to observe their stone construction techniques.  They are building a new house.  So Kuman and I are here alone.

We have found some land which we like fairly well.  It is a 15 acre piece with a creek & marsh land on the back boundary.  The owner will sell it for $11,000 with the timber or $6600 after the big trees are cut.  We want the trees but like the price better without them.  X is having someone from the Forest Service & the Soil Conservation look it over next week.

Dad, do you think there is any hope for Foremost-McKesson?  We're probably going to have to sell it sometime in the next year or so but I sure wish it would go up.

We've had alternating nice days with cold & rainy ones this week.  No snow yet.

This is my last piece of stationery so I'll have to go back to recycling.

X joined Kiwanis.  They meet every Wednesday for lunch.  Plus that they're having a big shindig this month to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the national organization.

We took our driver's test on Wednesday.  X missed one too many on the written test and I couldn't parallel park so we both have to try again.

New shelving for the lobby of the library is to arrive on the 12th of this month.  We're going to close the library down for 3 days to move all the books.  We're trying to spruce up the cellar and shelve the fiction there.  Also, the furnace room has been made into a staff lounge so we now have someplace to eat supper.

Got to go ––

Love, Catherine & X

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