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1982 Roberta's Letter -Nov.16

Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill visit Roberta in Arizona.  Transcription follows.

Nov. 16, 1982
Dear Family,

Hi!  I'm waiting at the bus stop - here a few minutes early – Kinda nice to sit & catch my breath!

We've been busy touring - on Sunday had a good tour = South to Ahwatukee - Country Club for Breakfast Buffet - quite good & such a bargain for $4.25 each.  We have to put it on our list while you all are here.  Then we went to Mesa – by the condo we used to have.  We made our rounds at several golf courses _ esp. the Ariz. Biltmore.  then we drove up Camelback Mtn. – the Hortons really seemed to enjoy all the sites.

Uncle Bill wanted all the details about our dinner at the Biltmore – he's worried for you - DAD - thinks you should have put that $ in the market.

Every morning the rush is on to buy a Wall St. Journal.  But then that entertains Uncle Bill while Aunt Mary takes so long in getting ready!!

I'm now at the bus stop on the other end - waiting to be picked up by ANN to go look at Sr. Village II houses - should be a reality by June - 1983.

The Hortons are quite impressed w/ Senior Village - they have eaten a few meals in the dining Room - also played Bridge w/ 2 of the ladies there. (including the 1st nite they arrived)

Today Hortons are going out to lunch with someone Uncle Bill knew from working - they hope to get back to play Bingo at S.V.  As C.W. says - such a RIOT!!

Yesterday we went down to the County Hosp – that was an eye opener for them!  The minorities all around!!

Algebra is coming right along – did you hear I flunked the last test – so now I'm working esp. hard to make up the points on the next one!!

Not sure yet what to take next semester.

Thanks for all the letters – sure looking forward to seeing all of you at Christmas – RAIN HAT for G'MA ––
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