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1983 Family Letter -Nov.1

Some typos have been corrected, others not. Transcription follows.

Tuesday -
Nov. 1, 1983
Dearest Family -

We have had a beautiful fall - plenty of rain at times but now gorgeous - hard to believe some people have left already for Florida.  The leaves haven't fallen too much and have stayed pretty for a long time.  New England was beautiful but think Ohio can really compete with its own fall foliage.

Things are progressing nicely for Roberta and Syd's [sic] wedding and the date is set for Dec. 31 instead of the 30th which gives a little leeway in case of bad weather.  There are still some things which need a little more time before they will be definite.  WE are so thinkful [sic] that it is working out that so many are able to come.  Wish that they might have longer in Arizona but thankful that things have worked out this well.  Dad and I plan to drive out as of right now and will leave Dec. 19 and hopefully arrive the 22nd.  Serena is flying out the 24th and leaving the 1st.  John, X and Mary Virginia are flying out the 29 and back the 2nd and Catherine, Gerry and Wendy (and Dee Dee?) are to come the 26th and leave Jan. 6th.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill are coming with Grandma after Christmas and plan to stay til Jan. 10 so Bill and Gerry hope to get in some golf.  We would like more of the Horton family to come but they are meeting at Marianne and Larry's.  Hopefully Joe might arrange something by meeting John and X and MV in Columbus.  Lois Bruce is also coming for a couple of days from San Diego so it will be nice for her and us to get together, as she hasn't seen our whole family for quite a few years.

Talked to Serena on the phone but didn't know til we got her delayed letter (coming via Portland, ME) that she hadn't been feeling well but another call reassured us she is on the mend.  The Morgans are super busy - Gerry interrupted the painting of their house (exterior) to talk to us and Catherine later said that project is now complete.  Grandma shared some pictures that they sent to her taken over the past summer of Wendy and some school pictures which we are proudly displaying.  John and X are busy too and worked in a seminar at Wheaton with another couple from the area.  Mary Virginia sang at a wedding recently of a sister of a friend of hers.  She will soon be out of school like the Monday before Thanksgiving and doesn't have to be back until the 4th of January but plans to work at Extended Care during that time so doesn't feel she can leave for AZ until after Christmas which we regret.

Dad and I had a nice trip to Cleveland Thursday - I attended an OELMA meeting and he did some research at the CPL among other things.  We came back on Saturday by way of Springfield to attend a Half-Niter square dance there.  We didn't stay til the end but both of us were glad we had that extra hour of sleep we could use.

I also accompanied Dad on his annual sales trip to West Virginia last Tuesday and got to see an old friend from college days.  Things are much more depressed there due to the coal situation.

This Friday evening Orville Harner is marrying Josephine Kearns Hadley - she is taking squaredance lessons  now so will soon be able to accompany him to all the dances.  We plan to go with the Salisburys as it is at their former church - Falls Creek Friends Meeting and they know the way quite well.

[Love, etc.]
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