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1983 Senior Village 2nd Birthday -Nov.4

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On November 4th [1983] a celebration will be held commemorating the second birthday of Senior Village.  It was two years ago to the day that the first house was opened.

The project was implemented to provide health and social services for low income older persons who no longer could live along in the community, but did not need institutional nursing home care.  The residents share the houses and support each other in a home-like atmosphere.

The pilot project has grown from seven houses to include nine residential homes with a capacity for serving 38 residents at any one time.  In the first 20 months of operation, a total of seventy low income older persons had been placed at Senior Village.  Twenty-nine percent came directly from nursing homes, thus reducing, by $127,252, the cost to county for 5,415 days if nursing home reimbursements.  Forty-one were deflected from a costlier level of care by residency at Senior Village.  Twelve residents were able to return to family or independent living.

The residents have ranged in age from 60 to 95 years. One 83 year old lady had previously resided in a nursing home for 21 months.  She suffered form arthritis and depression and was seldom out of bed.  She has been in residence at Senior Village now for 22 months.  She uses a can for ambulating to noon meals and outside activities.  She takes pride in taking care of her own room, does her own laundry, attends social activities, and arranges weekly hair appointments.  She has become recognized as the chief cook in her house and her quick wit has made her popular as an entertainer at Senior Village parties.  She derives a great deal of satisfaction and affection from her pet cat that she has acquired and trained.

The houses were donated by the Maricopa County Flood District.  The renovations, furnishings, and continuing maintenance of the properties were accomplished through the commitment of service clubs, churches, volunteer labor, private and business contributions, and resident fees in partnership with Maricopa County Revenue Sharing funds.  Value of volunteer labor and donations of furniture are estimated at $35,000 for the first year of operation of Senior Village.  The staffing and implementation of services resulted from a funding commitment of the Area Agency on Aging, residents fees, and revenue sharing funds.

Volunteers continue to provide service to the residents int he way of transporting for shopping and hair appointments, friendly visiting, and involvement in community, social, and church activities.

Senior Village, in northwest Phoenix, has demonstrated its success in quality of care and cost effectiveness int he care of the elderly.  It is planned to replicate the concept in the East Valley area utilizing the social atmosphere of a mobile home park.  Six trailers have been offered by the Maricopa County Flood District to start the expansion to the East Valley.  Six more mobile homes will be needed to complete the project.

Entertainment for the Senior Village celebration will be provided by the talented residents with singing, music, and poetry.  Original Christmas crafts designed and made by Senior Village will be on display.


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