Thursday, November 07, 2013

1983 Catherine's Postcard -Nov.4

Postcard of the swimming pool in Mt. Hermon, California (about 40 miles west of Gilroy, in Santa Cruz County) was found in a library book in Oregon.  3¢ was the postage rate for postcards between 1958 until January 1963.  13¢ stamps were valid on postcards from 1981-1985.  Transcription follows.

Swimming Pool - Mt. Hermon Calif postcard c1955 (mailed 1983)

1983 Catherine's postcard -Nov.4
Hi!  I found this post card in an old book with the 3¢ in stamps on it.  Not too much longer until we will be in Calif.  Now that November is here it seems alot closer.

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