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1983 Wendy in Kindergarten

Twenty years after John was in Kindergarten, it was Wendy's turn – both of them having been born in "7" years.  Transcription of Progress Report follows.
1983 Wendy's School Photo Kindergarten, Madras, Oregon

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Progress Report

Wendy Morgan     Kindergarten     November 4, 1983

Classroom Teacher: Mrs. Gray
Working on Fine Motor Skills  Following oral directions

How student is progressing:  Wendy has made some good gains since began our program, which thus far has focused on improving writing skills, eye-hand coordination and cutting out exercises.  At first, Wendy needed a lot of help forming letters, but now much less "hands on" manipulation is required; verbal directions on where to begin certain letters and form them correctly is all that is necessary now.  Our next big goal is to get the letters on the line.  Her number writing skills are good.  We go through he Fairchild chart 2 or 3 times a week and she only needs to work on a few sounds (u, e, i, she misses consistently).  Her skill with scissors has improved also.  Next term we will work on accurately counting objects.

Comments and Recommendations:  Wendy still needs to work on staying on task.  She likes to talk and will often stop in the middle of a job, talk, and completely loose [sic] track of what she was doing.  We will continue to work on her listening skills, a prerequisite for better performance in following oral directions.

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