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1973 Roberta's Letters -Nov.7

Roberta again gets double duty from the then 12¢ first class postage, by including a letter to Grandma with a letter to the family. Transcriptions follow.

November 7, 1973
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  I just mailed a letter to you from Aunt Mary so I hope I won't be repeating too much!

I'm now down at school - waiting for my 1st class to start.  After today I don't have any classes for a week because of Veteran's Day.  We only have 4 weeks of school left his quarter.  Which is really great – except when I think of all the work that I should do between now and then!!

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so "spoiled" as far as grades go - I know I'm not going to do as well this quarter as I've done at U.C. which kinda upsets me!

Last Friday b=night Mrs. Exline (a woman I've met through Weight Watcher - but she is also a friend of the Hortons) and I went out to Sweden House to eat.  It's a smorgsbord (sp?) in North Palm Beach.  You pay $3.95 (that hurt!) but then you could eat ALL you wanted!  Well - I didn't break my diet - but I really got my money's worth!  The night we went they had shrimp - the kind you have to peel.  Also crab-meat - still in the shells.  OH - was it good!  There were also lots of other kinds of meat - but I just ate the shrimp & crab.  (lots of both)  Also there were lots of different types of raw and cooked vegetables.  We both left really full!

I went yesterday morning to see Aunt Sara.  She's about the same - had been reading out in the front yard when I got there.

I'm not sure if I had told you before, but during the summer I bought a half gallon of Tuna Fish (f pounds and 6oz.) I think.  I opened it up on Sudan and got out my food scales and plastic bags and now (or rather did) have 22 bags of tuna - each weighing 3 ounces.  So now I've got my tuna fish lunches made up for awhile!! I'm only allowed it twice a week . . . . .

Mrs. McGrew and I are to go bike riding this Friday.  We're planning on leaving about 11:30 in the morning and have lunch down in Lantana.  (going there my means of the back roads)

Better close –

Love, Berta

* * * * * * * * * *
November 7, 1973
Dear Family,

Hi!  Was nice talking to all of you this morning though I wasn't quite wide awake 100%!!

We got our psychology tests back today – I got my usual - a high C.  I just can't seem to make it into that B bracket!

I was quite happy about finally reaching "goal" for W.W!!  I still find it amazing that I can eat so much & lose weight!!  Starting next week I'll go on maintenance.  Down here they (or maybe I should say WE) make you go through your 8 weeks of maintenance before you get your pin.  (Like what Doris got while I was home!)

Last night when I talked I told about how I went in Ferrell's Ice Cream place w/my brown paper bay w/my diet pop and oranges in it & then ordered a glass of ice.  I think some of them found that hard to believe.  There are 12 new W.W. classes opening up w/in the next two weeks.  Instead of having a set lecturer & clerk they are trying to set up a team of three to run things.  It really is going to be a neat deal.

My trouble is that I hate to drop one day at Burdine's.  Which I should do if I'm going to be w/ W.W. more than once a week.  I'd much rather drop a day of school - but that's not hardly possible!

Speaking of jobs - I just "turned down" a good high-paying job yesterday.  Got a telephone call from WPB (city of) about being a clerk/typist.  Gong back to the Civil Service test I took last March!  If I wanted to go to work full time it would never be that – it would either be Burdine's or W.W!!

About "the car" - since I wasn't wide awake this A.M. –– Mrs. Exline just bought it about 6 to 8 weeks ago - she paid $800.00 then for it - from her brother-in-law.  When she bought it she didn't know that she was going to be remarried.

It's a 1970 station wagon - back seat goes down.  I did drive it to North Palm Beach & back and it does really drive nice.

When she bought it - it had just been painted; also new tires.  It just has a radio - no air conditioning, tape player (HA!), etc.

I'll keep you all posted on my efforts to sell the Buick.

I didn't mention anything to Grandma about it - so do what you wish about telling her.

Next week we pre-register for Winter Quarter.  Hopefully - I'll be taking 14 hours again.  One sociology course, one criminal justice course - and get this – a political science course!  I figure I might as well be brave and at least give it a try. (as for the political science course.)

My schedule will be much better than I have now.  Mondays & Wednesdays will have it again –– 11:30-1:20 Pol Science (M&W); 2:30-4:50 Social Psychology (M&W); 5:30-9:50 Correctional procedures (Wed. only).

On Wednesdays I'll have the same schedule as Nancy - a girl in my Deviance class - so we are planning on taking turns driving.  She lives in West Palm Beach.

I've got some Disney World tickets ready to mail to the Sankers.

Everything at work is really getting exciting.  We're getting in so much new merchandise (sp?) we hardly know where to put it.  Then on top of that we are so busy 2/customers we have very little time to do any "stock work" at all!

I'm doing most of my C. (+otherwise) shopping at Burdine's now through next Thursday; as we get 25% off on everything till then (except on major electrics and furniture)  If you have any special requests – let me know now!  It's really a good deal on fair trade items – books, stationery, etc.  Tomorrow I'm going to check out the bathing suits!!

Now Thursday morning - got to hurry & get this in the mail.  Didn't have a phone call this morning to get Aunt Mary & I up this morning – HA!

Don't have to be at work till 11:40!

Love, Berta
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