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1973 Jean's South America program -Nov.20

Jean was popular on the speaker's circuit after almost any trip, and was a great speaker on other topics as well.  In November 1973 she spoke to the New Vienna Woman's Club about the visit to Peru in the summer of 1973.    Transcription follows.

Wilmington News-Journal November 20, 1973

New Vienna Woman's Club told about 
South American trip by Mrs. Uible

Mrs. Harold Uible discussed the trip to South American she made with her family the past June, dwelling on the cities and the culture of Peru, at the meeting of the New Vienna Woman's Club Wednesday afternoon.  Mrs. Philip Levo entertained the club and Mrs. Charles Thompson, president opened the meeting reading a Thanksgiving poem.

Devotions were in charge of Mrs. Homer Bohl.

During the business meeting a donation was made to the Snow Hill Garden Club and local Business men's club to help with the Christmas program.  A card was signed by the members to send to a member, Mrs. James Terrell, who is in Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati.

Mrs. Thompson introduced the program leader.  Mrs. Uible said that Peru is the third largest country in South America and has three regions, the desert coastal strip, the sierra and the montana which comprises the eastern slope and lowland.

Lima the capital is in the arid coastal strip and is called the "City of Kings."  lima beans come from here.

It is the largest exporter of fish meal in the world.  The first University of the Americas was started here, also the first printing press.  Textiles from the Peruvian tombs are on display in the museum.

The family visited Cusco, the capital of the Incas which dates 1200 A.D.  The people were sun worshippers and thought gold was the tears of the Sun God.  They built roads, devised solar and moon calendars.

The Incas were undoubtedly the master builders of the New World.  The interlocking mortarless pieces of their stone masonry were impervious even to earth quakes that would shatter more recent and conventional masonry.

The travelers visited Machu Picchu, the city fortress high above Urahamba River Valley.  It was discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, a young American historian.  It is an entire terraced city of palaces, temples, towers, military barracks, connecting stairways and fountains fed by aqueducts.

Because of a strike Mrs. Uible said they had to walk up to the city but the women and the small children were allowed to ride down in an old truck.

They visited Arequipa, called the White City because it is built of a while lave-like rock.  She told of the Convent started there in 1579.  Food and drink were discussed. Guinea pig is considered a delicacy.

While in South America, they attended the wedding of Grace Mejia's brother.  Grace had spent some time with the Uible family as an exchange student.

Mrs. Uible displayed a beautiful blanket of vicuna with designs of llamas in the center.  Also shown were sweaters, jewelry and pictures.

A dessert course was served from a tea table centered with a lovely fall arrangement of gold and brown.  Mrs. Thompson presided at the punch bowl.

Other members attending were:  Mrs. Charles Blackburn, Mrs. Thomas Brumley, Mrs. Lee Carey, Mrs. George Henderson, Mrs. Ralph Carey, Mrs. Walter Drake, Mrs. Harold Fisher, Mrs. Aaron Hause.

Mrs. Gleason Long, Mrs. Arthur McCoy, Mrs. Linley Moore, Mrs. Harley Phillips, Mrs. Gurney Terrell, Mrs. Paul Terrell, Mrs. Gary Tolle, Mrs. Homer Williams, Mrs. Joe Wood, Mrs. William Levo and guest, Mrs. John Levo of Hillsboro.

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: In Peru Peaches was tired from the hill climb, and just as we got to the site, the tour guide said "Lets Go". Your Mother replied to me, just "go ahead and leave me here". She soon rallied like a good sport and we joined the group. This time it was a day trip from Cuzco.

M.P. is a very unique place, just discovered about a 100 years ago. The high elevation makes it very cool at night. On our 2nd trip there the busses were running and the local accommodations that night were strictly third world. The train from Cuzco climbs the hills by several back ups.

Events in the "3" year have not only been active in the Uible blog this week , but news items about Lincoln's short speech in 1863 and "K" death in Dallas in 1963.

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