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1983 Family Letter -Nov.14

Monday -

Nov. 14, 1983

Dearest Family -

Doesn't seem possible that it is almost the middle of November.  We have had a beautiful fall - the rainiest weekend being when Cris and Angela came up.  We had hoped to take in the Pumpkin Festival at Circleville plus some other things but it was just too rainy and we had to substitute the Halloween Carnival here for the area's big attractions.  Didn't even make it to Fallsville.  But we have had some really beautiful weekends.  WE had our first sight of snow Friday but it didn't stick and today is a gorgeous day though cool.  There are still leaves on the trees - not many now but enough to know that a need for raking is still eminent.

Everything is still go for Roberta and Sid's wedding.  The date is Dec. 31 and the place is still not definite but Roberta leans toward having it at her home with the reception in a home nearby where Senior Village has had a number of receptions and parties (house where she used to live).  Pete Eveland formerly from Wilmington is to be the minister who is marrying them.

We really enjoyed the pictures of Wendy and a new piece of her art work which was enclosed in a recent letter.  WE are so glad to hear that the Morgans will be coming to Phoenix on Christmas evening.  We are so glad that they had already begun making plans to come to Arizona at Christmas although they originally talked about going to Florida.  Serena is to arrive Christmas eve in Phoenix.

The election was the BIG event of last week.  Dad stayed at the Court House until midnight as it has always been traditional to have the election results available  from the Commissioner's office.  Nick (brother of Pete) Eveland is the new Mayor of Wilmington.  Clinton Co. had 63% voter turnout.  We all ate out Tues. noon at the N.V. Senior Citizens.

Took Saturday off and went to Cincinnati with lunch at Ponderosa - they have a bigger salad bar and also soup.  The annual Folk Festival was at the Convention Center . . . . a lot of entertainment, but on the whole thought it was pretty commercial.  Lots of native foods on sale so we had lot of variety for supper.

Grandma probably thinks "we have cracked up" for left after Church yesterday and did not get back until after 10.  We went to Frischs for lunch . . . . they have a new salad and soup bar (two choices of soup) and also a breakfast bar . . . the usual plus fresh pineapple, melon, grapes, watermelon and etc.  The afternoon went quickly visiting some people in the hospital and in Quaker Apartments.  The local chapter of Hospice had a benefit program in the evening . . . lots of talent and a "BIG" band. None of us needed hearing aids.

In the November Readers Digest Campbell Soup has an ad about the importance of exercise, including holding of one's breath for at lest 45 seconds.  A lot of things we could all practice, etc.

Had a nice letter form Joe Horton, who is now living on 47th Street in NYC, sorry tho that he cannot make it to the wedding.

Dad has covered most of the news so will get this in the mail soon.  Looking forward to seeing all of you - Serena this weekend in Chicago.  Also Tom and Leslie Dailey in nearby Naperville.

Lots of love, Dad and Mother
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