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1953 Jean's Letter -Nov.26

The blue and red coat is the one I remember wearing while we stayed at the Johnson's during Mom & Dad's European tour which is also mentioned in the letter. The other one looks like one I remember Roberta wearing, whether it's a picture of the same one Mary Ellen wore is up for debate as the snowflakes can't be seen. Read more about coats and the Europe trip in this 1953 letter which is transcribed below.


November 26, 1953
Dearest Mother,

Thought of you so often today and wished so many times that you had been here to help us share our Thanksgiving.  Mother & Daddy Uible came down and joined us a dinner.  We had a 21½# turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, scalloped oysters, apple-sauce, cranberry salad, rolls, pumpkin pie with whipped cream.  Daddy Uible didn't feel very well – had a dreadfully sore nose – has had heat on it for a couple of days.  Just felt generally miserable.

I just finished putting six big packages of turkey & dressing in the freezer & also 5 containers of turkey gravy.  It should taste good later this winter.  And we will still have enough for a big meal tomorrow.  We gave Mother & Daddy Uible some too to take home with them.  Also sent Mr. Van Winkle over his Thanksgiving Dinner.

This has been a busy week.  Donna Cornelius called Monday morning & asked if I'd go to Cincinnati that afternoon.  So I got Mrs. Pearce & went down with Donna & her mother, Mrs. McClure.  Was really poohed when I got home – 9:00 P.M. & was in bed within 10 minutes.  Harold had to go to a Farm Bureau Advisory Council Meeting where he gave a talk on legal problems _ I didn't get home before he left so he had to take the girls up to Mother Uibles.  Of course they loved it but I felt rather guilt as we had made arrangements for them to stay the next nite (Tuesday) while we went to a Pop Concert of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

We took Mary Ruth & Bob Custis (3rd Choice) – asked Charlotte & Doc Hause but he had to work – asked Betty & Gleen [McElwee] but they were too busy – sorry we had even asked them – We were indebted to the Custises so asked them & think they did enjoy it – we did.

We had dinner in Milford & on to the concert – it poured rain but thought the evening worthwhile

Wednesday (yesterday_ the WSCS had a market so got a cake out of the freezer & iced it for the market & ½ a one for us.  I did buy 2 good pumpkin pies there and very good cranberry salad, rolls, & chicken & noodles.

The Redeemers Class meets Saturday evening at the Custises.  So it makes the week even busier.

We went out to see Oscar and Elizabeth Johnson tonight.  They had just gotten back from their family dinner.

Harold has big plans in mind now & is about to make reservations to sail for Europe – me too – thank goodness.  Right now the plan is to leave from New York about the 19th of March & return about the 10th of May.  We hope to get reservations on the Italian line and land at Naples after several stops, Lisbon, Gibraltar, Cannes, Genoa.  We hope to go from Naples to Rome, Venice & Switzerland (?), Paris, England & home on the Queen Elizabeth.

It still is too hard to believe – we haven't made any reservations but plan to through the AAA tomorrow - and hope they go through as we wish.

I didn't mean to forget or put til so late your kind gift of the pajamas.  I do appreciate them but don't really need them as I have a couple of flannel nite gowns.

Please plan to go to Florida for it does you so much good and it certainly not too late in the season to go – its just the beginning.

Are Virginia & Jim planning to go?  You couldn't possibly live in New Cumberland as cheaply as at St. Petersburg & enjoy all your friends as well as the sunshine.  Please don't give another thought to staying home this winter.

Catherine now has a new snow suit  & Roberta is wearing Catherine's old one – the one Mary Ellen used to wear with the snowflakes on it – navy blue.  I'm enclosing a picture of it – got it from Wards – it's all Nylon & I think its awfully nice – size 6X and not a bit too big - maybe I should have gotten a 7 but Roberta will be able to wear it.  Catherine weighs 45 & Roberta 35.  They're both looking for a big snow.

We got them a portable record player (plays all sizes) for Christmas.  & of course will get records to go with it – they say they don't want dolls but doll clothes so plan to outfit a couple of their dolls.

We're thinking of pooling our gifts & buying a movie camera & projector 8 milimeter [sic] which we could make good use of this spring.  Bill Sanker can get it at a good discount & we hope to make a deal with him on it.  No work yet from Jeanne but anxious to hear.

Our very best love to you – Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

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