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1973 Roberta's letter -Nov.13

Roberta uses some fancier stationery. Transcription follows.

November 13, 1973
Dear Family,

Hi! I've really been living the good life the last couple of days. Yesterday didn't have school due to the holiday, and today didn't have to go to work or school. So, I've been able to get quite alot of work done on my paper for criminal justice which is due the 28th of this month. I'm hoping for at least a "B" out of the course. I sure hope the prof. doesn't dissappoint [sic] me!!!!

I went to Weight Watchers this morning and sure had good news . . . . . . I lost two pounds last week.  I just don't know what the next couple of weeks will bring as I lost 1 and a half pounds last week and two pounds this week.  I'm now two pounds under the goal that they set for me.  I am trying to lose five more pounds though.

I got the first of the maintenance sheets today.  It allows you to have a muffin, or bagel, or corn bread once a week.  (nothing was said about donuts . . . . . ha)  Also each day you can have an extra slice of brad, or one ounce of crackers, or one ounce of cereal.  But, I'm going to just stay on the program for a couple more weeks and try to lose five more pounds.

I have sent (or rather had sent) three packages home for Christmas.  Please don't open them up till Christmas, unless you don't want to have anything to open up from me come Christmas.

I also got my first paycheck from W.W. yesterday for the month of October . . . . . . thirty five dollars.  I was quite pleased with it!!!  I have figured up that in 30 weeks I have given them almost 100.00 dollars, but at this rate it won't take me long to get that amount back from them.

This is stationary from work, some that the company made a mistake on in the printing.  At first I just used it for scrap paper but now as you can see I'm using it for stationary.

Uncle Bill's brother and sister-in-law made it down to the sunshine state over the week-end.  We went out to see them last night and they were telling me about how cold it had been in OHIO.  I got goose bumps all over me just talking about it.

I invited Mrs. McGrew to ride down to Boca with me this Friday when I have to register. I don't have to be there until one o'clock so we are planning on leaving here around 11:30 and eating at Red Lobster.  It won't take me long to register as long as none of the classes I want have been filled.  By the way we are driving down . . . . not riding the bikes down . . . . . . . ha.  But, we did get along fine when we rode to Lantana and ate.

John, when do you take the SSAT (that doesn't look right) test???

Today after W.W. I went to Burdine's and did some shopping for Aunt Mary and myself.  Bought Joe a sweather [sic], a vest, and some other things.  I bought some odds and ends Christmas shopping.  (typing paper and small things like that.)  Like I said before we can get 25% off on anything except electrics . . . . . and diamonds until this Thursday.

Well, I better go.  I'll probably hear from you all tomorrow, since I wrote tonight.

Love, Berta

P.S.  I need stamps!

I've given up on getting the Toyota.  I went to see Mrs. Exline on Friday and she was talking about 12,000 dollars.  No . . . . I mean 1,200 hundred dollars.  She said how she had traded her car in and how her brother-in-law gave her a special deal.

Also I read in the paper about the prices of a 1965 Buick and I got sick.  The Buick is to good of a car to simply give away like that.  (three hundred dollars)  Well, it was a good idea . . . . . thought.  Have you sold the blue car yet?
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