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1982 Roberta's letter -Nov.3

Nov 3rd [1982]
8:30 –
Dear Family,

Hi!  Just got done with the 5th Algebra test – only about a month left of school – can't say I'm sorry – esp. now with the cold weather!!  This AM could see my breath ––

Called up the J. [or Sr.?] Uibles last pm – to discuss the election returns.

We are having a Big Birthday Party tomorrow – Sr. Village 1st Birthday.  Alot of people have been invited so will be interesting to see how many people do show.  We've ordered a cake for 100 people.

This last weekend I got over to East Mesa to visit – that was nice – except never enough time to visit all I'd like to.

Got the 1st group of pictures back w/ my new camera – some turned out pretty good – but alot needed better focus.  Should be lots better by Christmas ––

This weekend we are going to Flagstaff – Pine Cone Festival – it's sponsored by the Garden Clubs of the area.  It is held in a high school & then will be some workshops on how to do projects – also pine cones to be sold –– supposedly very reasonable.  Up by the cabin the pine cones just aren't dropping.

Marion went up to the cabin last weekend – closed it up for the winter –––

We will probably just go up for a day while the Hortons are here.  Also hope to get to the Painted Desert – we could stay at the Motel 6 in Holbrook

Did I tell you that Sr. Village was donated a bike?  It was in BAD shape – so I took it to the bike shop – got it all fixed up - running good.  Have just been using it for running back & forth to house –––

[Note at bottom of page:]  –– found in Alg. notebook 11/15/82.

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