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1973 Roberta's letter -Nov.17

November 17, 1973

Dear Family,

Got your letter yesterday - I always enjoy when it is C.C. to Catherine & X - it lets me know more what they are up to.  Like what's the info on them perhaps buying some land up there?  Also thanks for the newspaper articles on East Africa.  When are you ready to go?  I'm always ready!

I registered yesterday - you'll never believe the course I'm taking.  I couldn't get in the Political Science course that I wanted to.  That's what happens when you are only a 2nd quarter junior and your last name begins w/ 'U'!  So I'm taking 2 Criminal Justice courses – :Correctional Administration," and "Manpower Development in Law Enforcement."  And one sociology course – "Social Psychology."  A total of 14 hours like what I'm dong now.  But like I said before - next quarter I won't have to go to school late but one night - Wednesday.  And on Wednesdays Nancy & I will be driving back & fourth w/each other – which will be nice.

John - my congratulations (sp?) on finishing up w/ Drivers Training.  I got a 'C' out of it – how did you do?  Gee I wonder if that says anything about my driving - "I'm a 'C' driver!"  HA!

I remember Mrs. Cross from the library - she would always eat the same thing every week, and drink sanka coffee!

Mary Virginia - how's the Action Singers now?  Are you all going to have a special Christmas program.  You'll have to tape it and send it down so we can hear it.  Also Aunt Mary often wonders how you're doing w/ piano.  Write her if you have time - she would enjoy hearing from you!

Your trip to Earlham sounded nice – I got a letter yesterday from Serena - written while she was waiting for you all.  Said she had really cleaned up the room for the occassion! [sic]

Grandma - you'll have to go down w/me sometime and see Florida Atlantic.  But - come to think about it - I'd rather make the trip to Disney World instead.  Well - we'll have to do both.

Starting the week of the 20th of November I'll be working for W.W. Monday & Tuesday nights in Lantana.  I was invited (& supposed) to go to a seminar (sp?) in Miami for W.W. a week from Monday – but can't go because I've got school that day.  I could miss 2 of my classes but the Deviance prof. doesn't go in for missing classes.  But Marcie (the head woman in WPB) said not to worry - that there would be lots others both in Miami & also North of here.

Have a "Happy Thanksgiving" ––

Love, Berta

Grandma - it's sure not long now till you'll be here –– hope you can survive the cold a few more days!!
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