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1973 Roberta's letter -Nov.25

 November 25, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi!  It's now Sunday night - I had planned on going to Church tonight but at 7:15 my good-friend Dorothy called . . . . and at 7:30 the F.B.I. came on . . . .  so I'm watching it!

After a day like today it will sure feel good to get back to school tomorrow!  I had the busiest Sunday at work that I've ever had!  It was really neat – I just stood up at the cash register most of the time and rang up sales.  If people needed help at all - it was just too bad – or they waited.  Usually Sundays drag - but today it sure didn't!  Instead I'm dragging! (HA!)

Thanks for your last letter - got it yesterday.  Also appreciated the articles - on W.W. and F.A.U.  The newspaper down there really gets alot of publicity.  There's something about it in the Miami Herald from time to time.

We saw the article in the W.N.J. about Mom talking to the Woman's Club.  We all had a good laugh about yo all having to walk up to the ~~~~ [Machu Picchu] and how they let the women walk down.  We remembered you telling us about it.

The F.B.I. just about have the bad guys.  It's a good thing too - there's only about five minutes left!!  If they don't get them soon I'm not going to have any finger nails left!!

That was quite a write-up in the W.J.J. about the trip the Janes & Schultzs took!  It sounded just like Esther Janes talking!!

I would welcome a gift of W.W. magazine prescription for Christmas.  If you need an order blank - let me know.  (ho, hum)  Or maybe you could get one from Doris.

Starting tomorrow all the new classes of W.W. open up down here.  There's been alot of ads in the paper.  Also there's a special price for the next two weeks.  Usually it cost $5.00 to join and $3.00 for the 1st week.  (It's more expensive all the way around down here) But for the net two weeks the combined fee for joining & the first week is just $5.00.  A big savings of $3.00.

I'll be working 3 classes – oh - did I tell you that I did quit Burdine's on Fridays for the next two weeks.  But told them I would be able to work Friday afternoons & evenings over Christmas break.

I hope we get lots of new members for the new classes.  I'm afraid if I hadn't already started I would wait "til the 1st of the year" to start.  If you know what I mean . . . . . .

This week on the Today Show is going to be all about the many FAT Americans.  Have you seen any of it??

Well I better go.  The F.B.I. came out OK - boy am I relieved. (HA!)

Love, Berta

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