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1982 Roberta's letter -Nov.19

Keeping track of Roberta in 1973 (going to school in Florida), 1982 (taking Algebra at GCC and Hortons currently visiting), and 1983 (wedding prep) is a challenge but soon we will be on to the "4" years with most of the "2" and "3" years behind us. I do enjoy reading Roberta's entertaining letters with her trademark humor.  Transcription of this 1982 letter follows.

Friday – 11/19/82

Dear Family,

Good to talk to you this AM - Mom and Dad.  Hope you were able to warm up your Breakfasts –

We are going out tonight to Mother Tucker's to eat – remember the salad bar?  They should like the food & view!  Also taking 2 from Sr. Village – the ones who have baby sat the phone for me in the early hours so I could go to class.

Have been playing around w/ all sorts of ideas –– as to what to do this weekend.  Originally thought of going to Painted Desert – then idea of going to Flagstaff – see the Red Rocks - SEDONA (where we went when Grandma was here)   But – now with Rains & snow up North we are just planning a dog trip to the CABIN.

Last weekend was our RUMMAGE Sale – made right at $640 – not including $50 Arts/Crafts sold.  Don't think we sold anything for more than $10.00.  We are already saving stuff for next sale.  We are given lots of donations still – and we don't turn anything away!!

Grandma – the Hortons find Charlie hard to live with –– he loves to grab something he knows he shouldn't have just to have someone chase him.  The other day within a few hours he got Aunt Mary's sweater, a bag of donuts, Aunt Mary's make-up case, etc.  I've had him in the CAGE alot – but he has to run around the house some – since w/ the RAIN – he can't be outside.

I'm glad to hear Aunt Virginia is back home now – hopefully she will continue her speedy recovery ––

Everyone at Sr. Village that met Mary Virginia in June is anxiously awaiting her arrival –– I'm so glad that all of you will have 2 weeks here ––

Where would you all like to go & do do during that time?  Uncle Bill is hooked on alot of Soap Operas!!  But they have enjoyed playing Bridge, Bingo, etc. – w/ Senior Village residents.  Like Grandma did – they are eating lunch with Residents –– they enjoy that.  (ALL SIDES.)

Better close – get this in the mail ––

Mary Virginia – Charlie, Toby, Marian & I look forward to your arrival ––

Much love, Roberta
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