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1983 Family Letter - Jan. 30

The weekly letter on the last Sunday of January 1983.  Transcription follows.

Sunday, January 30, 1983

Dear Folks:

This has been a great week for mail and phone calls from the family, which we appreciate. We also had news from the Goodings that they have made reservations for the four of us to go white water f rafting in West Virginia the last week in May, plus lodging at the "Bankers Club", which we understand is an 1890 vintage hotel... the name does ingrigue us.

Your Mother's Sunday School Class has gotten a block of tickets for LaComedia for April 23, for "Sound of Music",  Also in April I have been putting some thoughts together for a talk on, "You are your own most important dependent".  Reading between the lines on Social Security, the program does not sound too secure.

 Yesterday, was a beautiful "Spring" day, cleaned up the yard and also the car.  This has really been a mild winter todate.  Serena, read in thepaper that snow elected Mayor Byrne, when her opponent in the last election could not get the 80+ dn inches off the road, and this winter they have had about 5" of Isnow to date.

Since John and X had some last minute company plans we changed our plans to go to Newark until this next Saturday, Feb. 5th.  MV can also go with us that day.  In fact, we are to meet X and John in Columbus for lunch.

Last night we went to a hoedown dance at Clarksville, sponsored by a group from their Methodist Church to raise money for choir robes.  It was a fun time for the level was really basic and was slow enoughth that we did not get dizzy.  Some were disappointed that it wasn't more difficult but others needed it VERY slow to learn.  The caller is in this year's western lesson class and was even able to callb both types of squaredancing.

Mie Young just called and told us that her sister is coming to the US the end of February or les part of fMarch and plans to stay with the Hannahs.  Her mother hopes to accompany her (and bring some orphans this time too tok help pay her way).  XIn Young hasn't had much if any English so it will be much more difficult for her to adjusdt than it was for Mie Young and she isn't too fond of American food but hopefully it will all workas out well.  Having Mie Young and Dr. Kims family here willk help but she will have to work alot harder than Mie Young did when she first came.  Iam sure the Hannahs will do all they can to help her.  They have two daughters, one a senior in high school and the other an 8th grader and a son a junior in High school as well as their oldest son who goes to Case Western Reserve.  Mie Young has a younger brother a year younger than IN Young but she says he doesn't want to come to the U.S.

Talked to Catherine on her birthday - Gerry had to work but they were going to go to the Elks last night - they will have alot more free time after Gerry gives up his position as Secretary of the Elks.  They have had so much bookkeeping, etc. but his other duties besides that like getting out the news letter and on and on.

Roberta was sent to a meeting in San Diego this weekend and planned to see the Bruces as well - hope the flooding didn't upset her schedule.  She is going to Florida around the 16th for a week and combining that with business too.

[Serena --(bottom line is cut off on this copy – then continues on the left margin)]  both in the mail and person so hopefully there will be a great need for legal assistants, aids, researchers, etc. but luckily in the meantime she is able to help out at Roosevelt University during their registration time, etc.

John is taking a course in computers every Tues and Thur. morning before the bank opens.  We hope to hear more about it when we seem them this Saturday.

Mary Virginia is busy and doing well at WC & also taking piano and voice lessons privately.  She liked Asbury College when she visited there a couple of weeks ago and now making plans to go there next fall.   [last line is totally indecipherable]

Love, etc.]

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