Friday, January 18, 2013

1983 Gooding's letter - Jan. 19

The Goodings send a letter confirming a late spring rafting trip on the New River in West Virginia. Transcription follows.

Wed., Jan. 19, 1983

Dear Jean and Harold,

Just a line to let you know that the reservations are confirmed, both for the Banker's Club and the raft trip with Wildwater Expeditions Unlimited. We've sent the retainers-- we will be staying at the Banker's Club May 30 and 31st.  The trips will be on May 31 and June 1, after which we will come home that evening.
We're really looking forward to it, as it will be quite a lot of fun, especially with you two!

Lisa is back to work and doing pretty well.  All of her test data is not back yet, but at least, it doesn't seem to be anything really serious.  Thanks so much for your concern.

We'll be talking to you later, but just wanted you to have this confirmation.

Love, Bev & Bob
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