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1953 Jean's letter to her Mother - Jan. 23

Where would Jean have bought this new stationary?  Don't recall hearing about a "stationary" shop in New Vienna - but maybe while shopping for shoes in Hillsboro or Wilmington?  Later Washington CH became the place to fit my "expensive" feet.  Page 1 and 3 on first scanned image below, followed by pages 2 and 4.  Transcription follows.

Jan. 23, 1953
Dearest Mother,
Finally bought some stationary to tide me over til my other comes that I ordered.  We went to Hillsboro this afternoon and tried to get Catherine a pair of new shoes but it seems impossible to fit her – tried in Wilmington Monday.  Her foot is long, narrow and expensive.

Just finished baking a cake out of Swansdown Yellow Cake Mix with Chocolate icing – not bad but not as good as Betty Crocker's. [See ad for 1950s Swans Down cake mix here.] 

Harold said a package arrived for Catherine and is over at the shop.  We decided to keep it there til nearer her birthday lest I get too curious.

We did get Catherine a cute pair of bedroom slippers with Mickey Mouse on them which were incidentally on sale $3.50 regularly today for $1.95.

Harold law business has really kept him busy this week.  He's been busy day & evening with it & has to be in J.P.'s court [probate?] in Wilmington tomorrow.

Wells has now equaled  their last years record for the whole month of January ($24,000 worth of business).  This past week has slowed up considerably so Harold may go to Detroit next week.

I dyed five of the girls fitted sheets about the color of this paper since they have gotten so off-white – its different for a change.

I sent a card to Cousin Maude this week – the day I received your letter.

I bought two hyacinth (sp.?) at the 5&10¢ store today – one purple and one red so would like for them to bloom about the time I have the Womans Club (Feb. 25).

Several people have mentioned that they think Roberta looks like Daddy Uible, and I an see it in some expressions.

Betty McElwee came here Tuesday and gave me a permanent and we watched the Inauguration off and on.  Stayed up til 12:45 to get to see Ike and Marmie at the two balls in their honor.  Television made us really feel a part of it – I think its wonderful for things like that.

I had a letter from Jane Cochran Bossick & she says her mother is planning on finding something to do.  Their children had mumps at Christmas time.

Am enclosing some snapshots we took in New Cumberland last summer before Mary Ellen came home with us – You're taking a better picture all the time.  Will probably have some more for you later.  If you wish to send them to Virginia so Mary Ellen can see hers – its OK but we would like to have them back eventually or know which ones you might like duplicates of.

All our very best love, Harold, Jean, Catherine & Roberta

Haven't received any tickets yet for any TV shows we wrote for.  [Presumably in NYC during the annual March toy show.]  Hope to get tickets for some plays – Betty Davis in "Two's Company." [Opened on Broadway in Dec. 1952, ran for 90 performances.]

No one has heard anything about Mrs. Runk's* estate – her son's hasn't settled yet cause his uncles isn't finished yet.  Several people have put in requests for some of her things as if he will get it.

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* Hazel Runk (1895-Jan. 1953); her husband Heber Dorsey Runk (1897-1948) and their son Robert E.  Runk (1927-1951) all buried in NV IOOF Cemetery.  Robert graduated NVHS in 1945.  Heber is listed as a feed dealer in the 1930 census and as a proprietor of a feed store in the 1940 census.  Their address is listed as Main Street, New Vienna, possibly Bernard Road, as not far from the Elmer Pages who lived in the house featured as the Historic Hause House in New Vienna's 1953 pilgrimage of historic homes.  "Bobby" Runk's name appears in the Dec. 1942 Vienna Viewpoints.

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