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1983 GHU Letter - Jan. 9

Grandma writes a letter from Florida and even mentions one of Uncle Bill's favorite restaurants.  She also includes a page (from the church bulletin or newsletter?) that includes the following notice:

  • CHOIR ROOM - The air conditioner in the choir room can no longer be repaired. It has to be replaced at a cost of $1,925.00. Anyone desiring to donate to his cause, please mark an envelope "Choir Room". GHU's comment:  When the Tourist season begins is the time for the church to need repairing.  Mary said the room was plenty cool this morning as if the air system was still working & not needed to-day.

    GHU also asks in a note on this page: Are they still needing money at the church for Bibles?  Will you please find out & let me know for I did not pay anything for same.

Transcription of letter follows.

Jan. 9 – [1983]
Dear Harold & Jean, – I am taking for granted that you are now home without any of the family with you.  Rec'd your card & Mary V. yesterday & both said you were about to take off or were on your way.  Hope you left the ice out west along with the cold weather & had enough money or your credit card good for gas.

This is sue a off season for Fla.  People who came down for a short time have surely been disappointed.  I don't think we have had 6 sunny days since I arrived.  The paper said it has been the rainyiest? season since 1948.  Yesterday we had a deluge come down which lasted about 10 min. or more.  To-day no sun.  Since I don't go to the beach it doesn't bother me.

Wed. night we went to the church supper of Beef stew & Mary & Bill had tickets for a concert at the Aud.- & Mr. Garnet had given me his for he was going to something else.  It rained all evening so I didn't go to the concert.  But getting in & out of car or in some way I evidently hurt my hip or something went wrong, for that was a bad night & Thurs. I could hardly make it so decided to call a Dr.  Fri. we went in & to the tune of $150+ he told me I had 2 poongs [?] which was shown on the xray & need to come off of the wire brace? in hip if pain continued.  But we would try medication for pain first.  We tried it & either the med.- or something I ate caused me to be sick yesterday.  But I was better yesterday afternoon & normal to-day.  So at the present no more pills & I seem to be back to normal at the present.  In the hurry of getting in car I fear I gave my leg too much of a twist & something didn't cooperate.  Anyway I was able to go to Sun. S. & church service & we ate out.  At the Kenedy [sic] Hospital with some people Mary & Bill knew who were going there.  The meal was good and reasonable.  Cafet– style.  Just the thought of eating at the hospital does not sound very interesting to me.  I guess because I have already eaten my share of meals in that place.  How did you 2 come out with your check ups?

The after Christmas routine will begin this week with V.I.A.* meeting.  Last Thurs. was the Circle meeting.  We plan to go tomorrow.

Love, Mother

[Written on left margin of first page]  Hope it will be convenient to put in church collection the enclosed check.  Thanks.
* Topic for the V.I.A. [Visitors in Attendance?? – what do these initials mean?] meeting is also mentioned on enclosed paper about church activities.  Program was to be on the Kirk Hill Country Club - Day Care Center for the elderly and would include a Sing-Song at 10 A.M., program at 11 A.M.  Bag Lunch to follow.
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