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1953 Jean's letter to her Mother - Jan. 1

Jean writes her first letter of 1953 to her Mother. Transcription follows.
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Jan. 1, 1953
Dearest Mother,
We received your long letter today and want you to know that we both signed Bob's paper willingly as the right thing to do – for they are more or less routine papers that are concerned with property regarding the works.  We have no regrets about it.  It's too bad all these papers couldn't have been straightened up long ago.  Bob should have the property & things concerned to West Virginia Fire Clay and not have it such a four family deal everytime business matters concerning it comes up.  I know its useless to tell you not to worry about it but we want you to know we were in favor of it.  That is up to you and Bob about the compensation but he will do the right things by you regarding that.  I think it was grand for Bob to be with you for a few days.  I know you both enjoyed the visit.  Guess Florida has been having pretty cool weather for December.  Mother Uible said they've had to keep their electric stove going most of the time until Christmas when it warmed up more.

Last night Calvin Smith came for dinner – also Melvin and Helen Long.  We planned dinner for 7:30 as it was impossible for Melvin to get here any sooner with all the farm work.  I fixed the tuna fish casserole with some additions that Good Housekeeping suggested in their recipe – chow mein noodles instead of potato chips and cashew nuts – I still like my first recipe better but it was different.  We also had green beans, applesauce, raw carrots, radishes, blue berry muffins, corn sticks, ice cream with melted Hershey Almond bars [& candy (which W.Va. Fire Clay sent) which made wonderful fudge sauce topping] cookies, tea, coffee & milk.  Roberta ate early but Catherine ate with us.  I served it buffet style in the kitchen & we ate in the very front room.  We played monopoly afterwards & had a grand time – it had been so many years since we'd played the game.

Thanks again for all the money you sent – it will go to a worthy Uible cause and you'll hear what whenever we do use it.

I feel absolutely fine now so no need to worry about my "rheumatism."

Wish you had been with us for the holidays.  Best wishes for a happier 1953.

All our very best love, HJC&R

PS While I was repairing our wedding picture – Roberta mistook for scrap paper – Catherine asked "Why didn't you let us in that picture too?"

The Bruces are moving.  They sent us a Christmas card with a snowy picture of their new place – looks real pretty.

Catherine loves to put puzzles together and she's quite quick at it too.  Harold wants to know if I want to start her to school next year – some sarcasm!

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