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1983 Family Letter - Jan. 9

Home from the trip to Arizona in the borrowed Winnebago and back to regular routines. Transcription follows.

Sunday, January 9, 1983

Dear Family:
We are getting back into the routine after being home for a week.  Hard to believe now that just two weeks ago we were in California and like always wish we had more time to do some of the other things.

Last night we went to a fund raiser Square Dance for the Senior Citizens Van Fund in Hillsboro.  Quite a turn out and they made over a $1,000.00  They had a couple of hoe down dances but we can not take too much of that swinging.  We are the new Secretary of our own Square Dance Club, which means among other things of getting out a news letter to the members.

Friday afternoon we went back to the Doctor to find out about our physical check up.  He said "you are both in great shape".  In fact, we like the new Dr. (for whom Bev Gooding works) better than Dr. Schnebly.  The Goodings had invited us out to their home for supper.  Lisa is in the hospital with some xxliver problem, Bob is looking for a job and Jim is working for Elder Beerman as a window decorator.

Serena and her Mother went shopping on WedneTuesday and Serena went back to Chicago on Thursday.  We know she will get along fine in getting a job in the para-legal field.  That same evening on TV they showed pictures of theses thousands of people in Chicago who were seeking a few jobs that were available...such as cleaning snow, etc.  It will be interesting to see how Mayor Jane Byrne does in her reelection effort.

This is an active time of year for the County Commissioners for it is budget time and every department thinks they need extra funds more than the other departments.  Always amazed that the governments run as well as they do.

We have had several nice orders at Wells this for 35M and their x credit is excellent.  Still working three shifts on the rubber department.  Had four people at the shop last year who had perfect attendance...then we have bonus days off for them.

It was good talking to most of you all on the phone -- wasn't able to get through to John and X but home to soon and perhaps get together with them before the month is over.  Everyone is busy and slowing down from the rapid pace of Christmas.  Think we have most of the decorations put away but did find some on sale in Dayton 75% off which I couldn't resist.  Saw some big (at least bigger than what Wells uses) balls and wished I knew whether it was what Roberta could use.  This was at the McDonald store (similar to Service Merchandise).   They also had glass fireplace screens drastically reduced but wonder if they were really worthwhile for don't think they had the metal screen as well in them.

Dad had the tree cut down at the corner of the house and it seems strange without it - will be missed even moreso when the leaves will be coming back on the trees but hopefully the little one beside it will soon take its place.

We think of you all often and wish that you were closer but do enjoy hearing from you bet letter, phone or whatever - and in person specially.
Love to each one of you.  Remember you are in our thoughts and prayers.
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