Saturday, January 19, 2013

1993 Catherine's postcard - Jan. 19

Arizona Golf Resort, Mesa AZ postcard - Postmarked Jan. 19, 1993
1993 Catherine's postcard - Jan. 19
Hi!  This is the resort we went to over Labor Day – just takes me awhile to get the post cards written!  We got our LincTl dividend check on the 11th – such efficiency!  We really appreciate your generous donation to our assets!  Wendy now checks the NASDAQ listings daily to keep us updated on values.  Mette leaves for a ski trip on 2-2.  We're all going to Las Vegas on 2-9 and then Wendy leaves for her trip on 2-24.  I'm glad we're not too far from the airport!  Are you going to NY?
Love, C,G&W

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