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1973 Catherine's letter - Jan 2

Written on a fold-and-mail orange and yellow piece of stationary (a Christmas gift?) part of the sticker shows at the top of this letter postmarked January 1973, postage 8¢.  Roberta would have returned from Africa but evidently was not in New Vienna.  Perhaps we'll find out in a later letter.  Transcription follows.
Dear Mom, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary,

Hi!  Got your letter today.  Interesting article about the library in Rumania.  Yes, we got home fine.  Spent our last four days working and now we are doing some stuff around here before school starts again on Thursday.  [Last semester of library school at Western Michigan Univ.]

I'm glad you are enjoying the things we got you, as we certainly are making use of what you all gave us.  X has been wearing his new socks and his slippers.  The shirt is just what he needed to go with his brown pants.

The big pan is really nice.  I used it yesterday for the first time.  X ordered his power tools this morning so the money is also going to be used up.  The scissors are nice, too.  I've been guarding them so I don't lose them to anyone else.

As of right now we are planning to come to Chicago.  Probably via train.  Why don't you bring the thesis with you then.

I got a letter from Ardy right after we got back. [Friend I had gone on Youth Hostel New England bike trip with in 1968 and later that year drove to California with in her VW Bug over the Christmas holidays.  We are still in contact.]  She is a stewardess for Trans International Airlines (a charter that flies out of Oakland, Calif.) and is really seeing the world.

What kind of dog do the Sanker's have?  How much are they selling the puppies for?

Our latest inspiration as far as places to go is British Honduras.  The growing season lasts forever, the people speak English, the land is cheap and at least some of it is excellent agriculturally....  We haven't done much research on it yet.  Maybe you could set up a jump rope folding factory there?  (I haven't had any inspirations specifically concerning jump ropes lately.)

X's aunt is going to bring his Mother down on January 16th.  [She suffered from dementia and unfortunately I didn't have much sympathy at the time – feel some guilt about that now.]  X is really working on redoing the back room so he may have it done by then.  He has bought slate for the floor and has got the paneling already to put up.

See you soon!  Love, C&X
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