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1973 MUH Letter - Jan. 4

A long post-holidays letter complete with HA!'s from Aunt Mary. Just like spending the holidays in Florida. Transcription [a fairly true transcription, some of the ..... may be of the wrong number] follows.
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  Just look at this DATE - JANUARY 4th - 1973  (I haven't written for a LONG TIME)  This "E" is really worn out//......I think 'SANTA' should have mailed me a new typewriter.  HA!

Dear Jean, Harold and Family:

This was a rough, hectic fast-paced XMAS after being in AFRICA last year!  You wouldn't believe all the goings-ons at one (16 of us with all the Hortons, G'Ma U. and Aunt Sarah); dinners to cook for, invitations OUT, Xmas shopping and the inevitable WRAPPINGS; all the church affairs.....I wish there was some way to really enjoy Xmas without so many far-fares and extra curricula.  HA!

Got the nicest note from Carol, the Choir director and organist, to-day thanking me for my help.  The musical program went real well.....except for the bell ringers....we really fell apart on "Ring out the Bells" and the choir was supposed to sing along with us.....Murphy picked up the wrong bas was enough o 'crack me up'.....I get amused too easily.  HA!  The Youth Choir is not the best....Carol kept re-writing music and calling rehearsals until that last week was awful......Joe I can see how hectic being an organist-choir=director could be....what a relief AFTER XMAS and EASTER!  Xmas Sunday we had 64 in the choir loft......quite a sight......had some 'imports' to help the tenors and basses for one Sunday.  You'll never believe what I did.....all the Hortons were in church that morning and filled up a row....Cris sat with G'Ma as she sits near the exit and down front; not too much walking that way.  Should tell what led up to this Sunday the 24th but will flash back....ha!  I was really tired on that morning.  At the last minute decided to have Xmas dinner on Sunday after church.  So, on Sat. G'Ma and I went into action......we cooked a lot of things AHEAD so we could sit down right after church.  Remember the cute place cards, Joe?  We took the names of the people not here, reversed the sides and wrote in names of the Horton clan and added some new cards.  Used bits and pieces of Xmasey-ornaments and stapleted them on the top and wrote names in red.  G'Ma brought down her large white linen table cloth which fits our table perfectly.  Had thought about a real informal buffet-type-of-thing with maybe hamburgers, etc. but once we got going we went all out.  HA!  What spurred that on was that in the PM before the 24th, doorbell rang and there was the most GORGEOUS CENTERPIECE........two tall red candles in the center with pine and holly mixed with red carnations and white mums and red with white spots ornamental toad-stools.  That called for a formal out went the idea of paper plates, and picnic-style dinner.  Couldn't get over the 'sender'.....Blance and Judge Douglas.....haven't seen them for a year and didn't even send them a Xmas card.....haven't figures it out yet!  Wrote a thank you note today and that was a tough assignment!

This SEQUENCE is really MESSED UP.....I'm wandering again.  HA!  To regress to the 24th!  As Carol says, "That Mary Horton....if she can't upstage everybody she'll try something drastic to call attention."  (She's still talking about my performance on the harpsichord and piano; very appreciative).....I had about 3 hrs. sleep the night before and got up blurry-eyed and really THICK 'IN THE HEAD'.......The choirs processed into the sanctuary and recessed on the final hymyn.  I made the steps going out to the left and in looking at the hymnal trying to find the PLACE mu foot caught on the corner of the communion rail that sticks out at each corner and down I went......FLAT ON MY FACE!  I wish I could have passed out through the floor......but NONE of the FAMILY saw me and as everyone was singing standing up only the people down front saw me sail thru the air.  I delayed the twosome going out by making it a SINGLE in front of me so I must have got up so quick not many realized I had fallen.  I know my face was red as a beet.  I have a big bruise on my left side and skinned left elbow and felt SORE for a couple days but I kept telling myself forget it and BE THANKFUL YOU DIDN'T BREAK ANYTHING!  Did I ever take the kidding......about the drinking before New Year's Eve and sich.....especially from that Donnie Forester..........Foresters entertained the choir the night of the 17th after our house!

Really enjoyed ALL THE HORTONS.  LOVED THE you know, they make me a GREAT AUNT.  Golly moses and not even a G'Ma yet.  Larna thought I would make a great G'Ma.  HA!  This will probably be a long time.....if I live that long.  HA!  Hadn't seen Carol for ages and she's a lot of fun.  She and Marianne had a lot to talk about; both teaching in parochial schools but Carol sure has a better situation than Mares!  'Little' CRIS (7) is real cute.  His sister Caroline is a tom-boy and played football with Rob.  Cris nick-named Rob "Sherbert" which does seem to fit.  I wonder why????  HA!  Caroline will not doubt grow into a real attractive teen-ager.  Joan is a 'cutie' an Janet a sweet girl who needs a lot of love!  She wanted to sit by me the night we went to Candlelight service.....that church is just beautiful with all the lights out and 500 candles burning all at one time.  Most effective service we've had there for awhile........You should see the Chrismon tree with all the gold, sparkly Christian symolic ornaments the women made last August.  BEAUTIFUL!  The relatives really got a lot out of this particular service.  They were sure LOYAL METHODISTS!  Rob's group The Choristers, sang at 10:30 AM before regular church service and they came to hear the group and R's solo.  Then after church the choristers went to a nursing home to do their folk musicale; more relaxed there.  The boys wear white trousers and tie with a red and white designed shirt and girls bright red velvety jumpers over white blouses.  Look neat!

You might know while the Buckeyes were here the weather was absolutely rotten.....chilly!  They froze at Disney World and Joe can you believe they waited for 1½ hours to get in to the rides and never attempted the line to the haunted house and Presidents......the best two!  They'll have a good reason to go back!

Marianne FLEW down Wed. after Xmas.  It was great to see her if for such a short visit.  I'm afraid our life is 'too slow' for her active life with Larry and living in the North.  After a day of visiting with us I'm sure she was ready to fly back to Lars.  We took her to the airport on Sunday leaving about 11 for Miami.  Took Uncle Cris with us (Larna didn't want to go) even tho their Glen and family left at 4 that morning for home.  Such a crowded airport; people going everywhere on every air line.  The Everglades air crash was the night before or rather 2 nights???? and was on everyone's mind.  Mares was all up tight over flying but as I told her your chances are good for survival considering the law of averages.  That was a real tragedy for so many families!  They don't seem to know what caused the accident.  Mares and I drove to Orlando on Thurs. and stayed over night with Zoe, Corey and G'Ma Kintner who stayed over in order to get to see Mares. We had a good time an M and I got a lot of conversation in going and coming.  HA!  She wanted to get back to be with Larry over New Year's eve.....a party at the country club....dinner, dance and the works......Fryers belong fact he helped organize it way back there.  Larry and Mares made the cleverest tape and sent us for Xmas.  Also Larry made one of his own and sent it down with Mares.......he is a real comedian.  He can play the harmonica, etc. and his imitation of McGovern was a 'blast'.  I think I'll keep those two tapes for posterity.  Zoe gave Corey and L & M a tape recorder thinking they will tape us ltrs........we had TWO LTRS FROM AUG. TO XMAS.  I WONDER???????  She has her hands full at that school and keeping house.......130 some students and does the janitorial jobs, etc.  No extras thrown in like in the public schools.

Cris worked at Fountains and made a goodly sum!  Never knew when he was coming home for meals!  Sue Kela came in twice to see us.  She introduced us to her husband; seemed like a 'nice' guy.  One Sun. evening Cris brought the MYF group here after church and they baked pizzas, etc.  First year I ever bought a Xmas tree by myself (well, had G'Ma in the car) and it was a FAT ONE and SMELLED so good.  Cris and Beverly Boyette trimmed it one night.  Cris was out LATE most every night with Bev.  How he worked and dated ???????  Guess YOUTH pays off at least for awhile.  HA!

Cris gave us three pieces of LUGGAGE and with the money G'Ma gave us we should be ready or rather are ready to TAKE OFF on another trip.  HA!  At the moment two things are stopping us........G'Ma and Rob.  So, maybe a little later!  If we can agree on place of DESTINATION.....a choice of Hawaii, AFRICA, South America????????Oh, just anywhere......  Bill still would like to tour England!  Bill's favorite gift I believe was the 5-cup electric coffee pot I gave him.  Mares had original gifts.....electric shears for me and electric shoe polish for Bill.  I gave Cris an electric razor (Norelco) and Rob a radio and I should have given him an electric razor........he's beginning to look like a 'nanny goat' under the chin, etc.  Beginning to have a lot of pimples.

Christmas trimmings are all down but not packed away.  Maybe tomorrow.  Sure glad to return to a more normal, routine way of life!  It is fun having Cris and Larna here for the winter.  They have a cute mobile home and seem to be enjoying their leisure.  How about the other HORTONS joining the 'crew'???????

[love, etc.]

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