Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1953 World Book Purchase - Jan. 28

The purchase of a new set of World Book Encyclopedias was a great addition to the Uible home library in 1953.  Whether these were purchased in honor of my birthday or if the timing was coincidental is unknown, but they were an integral part of my reading and future reference needs for many years.  I currently have the 1977 World Book, which is interesting historically but dated for current history, as part of my home reference library.  Apparently the cost in 1953 was $125.77 as shown on this New Vienna Bank check.  The penciled reference to Holmes WB (Bill Holmes?) is unknown.
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According to ebay the 1953 set of World Book was 19 volumes.  There is a set offered for sale on ebay for $44.96 plus $26 shipping.

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