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1983 Catherine's letter - Jan. 27

January 27, 1983

Dear Mother and Dad,

Hi! Well, here I am almost another year older, or another day, depending on how you look at it. We will be having cake and ice cream for Wendy’s sake. I certainly don’t need it. Gerry has to work on Saturday but we will probably go out to dinner if we can decide which one of the many Jefferson County restaurants to honor with our business. Last night was the Birthday Dinner at the Elks so I got a free dinner there in honor of my membership in the lady Elks.

It has been a fairly quiet week for me as I didn’t have any meetings. Gerry went to Bend on Tuesday night with the other Elks officers to a meeting. That made for a late night for him. xx It looks like Gerry will be running for “Leading Knight” which is a step below Exalted Ruler next year. That means he might be Exalted Ruler the following year. The person who would have moved up to Leading Knight is not able to go on and Gerry is about the most qualified person to step in. Gerry really enjoys his involvement with the Elks so it is fine with me. I certainly won’t have to work as hard when we get rid of the bookkeeping part of it so I am looking forward to that. Three more months and I will be done.

Wendy sure likes the “property of Wendy” stickers you sent. She gave some of them to her friend (also named Wendy) who was visiting us last weekend. They both thought they were really neat.

Sorry, time’s up! To be continued next week!

Love, C, G & W
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