Saturday, January 26, 2013

1993 Family letter - Jan 23

Familiar looking letterhead on which this letter was printed.  Transcription follows

Dear Family,

Yes, we are trying to do this on the computer, it may take us longer than on our old typewriter. At least the errors are so easy to correct that I can only blame my eyes.

Today has been a beautiful day, up in the fifties and also lots of sunshine for a change. We drove part way to Hillsboro and then rode the bike the rest of the way. Neither one of us was in shape for the hills and the wind, But lunch there did taste very good.

Mother still has her very good days as well as those days when she is “out.” Leahadell, her roommate is in the hospital.

Your mother has been busy, for in the past week she and Marg Hale gave two talks about the Far East trip, plus telling stories at school on Thursday AND having to teach the Sunday School class tomorrow.

We leave for New York on February 11, return to New Vienna on the 14th and right now plan to go to Guatemala on the 16th and return on the 27th. One of the couples on the Far East trip are leading a group of twenty and they have been in the area number of times.  [Hinshaws]

While in Hillsboro today, we also bought some garden seeds and some rubber boots for Dad. His last pair goes back to 1980, as as Pres. Bush said, “there is a time to go".

Your bread maker gift is doing great, the aroma is terrific and the end product is delicious. Plus it is so easy to use. Now lets see if we can activate the printer to get this off the screen.

Love, Mother and Dad.
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