Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1973 Catherine's Letter - Jan. 15

Stationary left over from college, used after a trip where we met the family (plus Angela, minus Roberta?) in Chicago over the weekend and stayed at the John Hancock building.  Transcription follows.

[Monday] January 15, 1973
Dear Mother, Dad, Serena, John, and Mary,and Angela,

Hi!  I hope you all got home OK.  After you all left we gathered up our stuff.  I found a gold scarf about six feet long which I figured must belong to one of you.  Shall I send it?  We turned in the key and checked the pack while we hiked down to the Field Museum of Natural History and we also went to the Aquarium. After hiking back to the apartment and then to Union Station we were kind of xtired.  The train left on time and we got back to Kalamazoo and hiked up to K. College where we had left the car.  We were home by 9;00.  There was the same amount of snow on the ground as when we left so it must not have gotten too warm here.  It snowed some more last night but we're supposed to have warm spell tomorrow.

Sears is sponsoring this contest today where you call up their catalog department and you can either m just p give them your name or place an order.  Tomorrow they will have a drawing and the winner will either get $50.00 worth of catalog merchandise or all that he ordered today free, whichever is greater.  I didn't order anything, but I wouldn't mind having the $50.00 worth of stuff.

We got a letter from Grandma this morning.  X is working some more on the backroom this morning.  He has gotten a drill from Penney's and a saber saw from somewhere else since Christmas.  (Thanks for the $)  I made some white bread this morning and have been writing letters since lunch.  We don't have class until 6:30 tpmight but we have some errand to do so we will have to leave here by 4:30.  It is certainly nice to have time to do things around the house instead of rushing to classes and work all day, all week.

Thanks for the boots and the plastic bags.  I would appreciate it if you would continue to save the plastic bags.  It takes alot to make a ruga and I might want to make more than one, or Mary Virginia might want to make one!

We may try to get a few more letters of application off today.

Love, C & X

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