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1982 GHU Letter - Dec. 31

This end of 1982 letter was found in an envelope with a letter written in January 1983 so will share it now. Transcription follows.
Dec 31 – [1982]
"Happy New Year"
Dear Folks.
Hope you are about to arrive home safely or perhaps have already.  [From the trip to Arizona in the Winnebago.]  I don't know what day you plan to get home but I suppose before Mon.  Was glad to hear from Mary V. & to receive the card Harold.  We wondered if the Bell ringers [MV's job for Salvation Army] are supposed to take in a hopeful amt. during the day.  Of course they can't help it if the passer-bys don't drop in some money.  I read that collections were better than usual.  But more demands for help.

With Charlie gone Roberta will surely have a little more time for herself.  He was certainly a problem.

I am now getting the Wilm N.J. alright the past week which was certainly time.  I received the gov. letter alright & have filled out the paper with check ready to mail.

The sun is shining nicely this morning for a change.  Seems as if we have had clouds most of the time since I arrived.  No good Beach weather so far.  Not even to sit in the yard for for a sun tan.  The folks from the north were disappointed over the cloudy weather.

I fear I forgot to tell you about our Christmas surprise during the morning Joseph called from Arabia.  It is unbelievable how well we could hear him talk.  Even I could hear him well enough to talk a little.  Mary was disgusted Bill for he stood at the little window & pointed at his watch.  He said it cost Joseph $5 a minute.  If he wanted to spend a little sum that way it was his problem I guess, for he does make a good salary & no tax I have been told.

We were invited to a golden wedding party Tues at the Park were the Horton families stay.  Cris & Larna had it at their trail home.  With help we got in fine, but leaving, Bill slipped or 1 of the men pulled too much on the front of my chair (3 steps with a closed up railing) & things sort of happened.  Bill cut his arm & leg on mail box or my chair (not serious) enough to bleed, I was there in the midst with a little place hurting on my left hand but alright now.  A New Year soon.

Love, Mother
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Mary Crowson said...

Grandma always had good handwriting and even at 90+, it was amazing!

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