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1983 MV's letter - Jan 27

MV writes about her upcoming college deadlines. Transcription follows.

Jan. 27, 1983

Dear Mom and Dad –

I kept waiting today for Dad to drop my boots off this afternoon . . . . Suddenly I realized that the boots sitting in the hall that every I had to keep walking around were mine; the girl next door has a pair exactly like them.

Cyndi Amen told me tonight that “my mom” had called her Monday night . . . she told me that she had wanted to do it, but she just didn’t have the energy. She would be a good prospect the next time you need someone.

Georgialia told me today they will be taking Mie Young’s sister when she comes, which is supposedly the end of February. Then Mie Young says she will get an apartment next year and In Young will live with her.

My big paper for state and local Govt. is due next Tuesday, so I went to the library tonight to check out some books and Gordon Beasley gave me several magazines. My topic is “Religion Public Schools,” 5-8 pages, plus a 15 oral presentation. My “commissioner’s” research paper is due Feb. 17, and we will begin the presentations then . . . . Please let me know whether you would like to speak or whether I should get Dave Bailey. The presentations will drag on for weeks, since they are supposed to be 30 minutes, so I’m sure that you’ll be back from Florida. When should I tell Kirk (Halliday) to schedule you?? The classxx meets Tuesday and Thursdays from 2:00-3:15.

Karan is coming over to spend the night tomorrow night. Karan Hewitt, Carolyn Tolliver’s daughter. Not much else is new. Thanks for the boots.

Love, MV
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