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1983 Family letter - Jan 23

Thirty years after trying to find shoes to fit almost 4-year-old Catherine, the subject matter has switched to MV's college experiences.  I like the image of "sifting" by the fire, even though it appears to have been typed over to be "sitting."  Haven't figured out how to type over letters on the computer to make this a truer transcription but the strikethrough format works for some errors.  Transcription follows.

Sunday, January 23, 1983

Dear Family:

Mary Virginia and a friend, Leslie, have been here for a weekend. We all went over this PM. to the movie, "Tootsie", which did have an unusual twist as well as some humorous moments.  We ( we are now down to two people) went to the college library to look around and then had a snack at Wendys.  The college library has a micro film screen from which one can take pictures of the adtilces articles.  This past Sunday there were several articles on Florida.

Leslie is one of five girls who are spending a year in Wilmington as a Quaker Volunteer and leads a weekly prayer group at the college, where MV met her.  Her home is in Whittier, CA. and plans to go back to college next fall as a Junior.  The girls have other projects in the community such as driving a school business  for the mental health school, visiting shut ins, etc. etc.

Last Friday evening brought an ice storm and a power outage for a good hour.  A number of limbs came down, but by noon the next day all the ice was gone.  It was a nice evening to be sifting by the fire.

Talked with Serena on her birthday and Chicago always always has "tops" in the weather.  We recall the winter night when Serena was born and taking Catherine and Roberta back Johnson's lane.

Maricopa County is sending Roberta on a trip to San Diego to observe some of their Senior Citizen facilities and she plans to visit the Bruces.  Marion and Roberta are taking photography classes and we do appreciate the pictures that they have sent us.

Yesterday we made a couple hospital calls in Wilmington and then went on to the Dayton Mall as our Square Dance Club was participating in a dance there . . . we feel more comfortable in dancing now that we have some familiarity with at least the basic calls.  The show is sponsored by the local radio station.  Afterwards we had supper at Morrison's Cafeteria.  Last year we went with the Harners and Melba bought a wig and that was one of the last times that she danced.  The Fawleys have the farm up for sale.

[Love, etc.]
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