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October 26, 1989-99

Luby's closing at Metrocenter

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Bob and Pat Ballantyne leave]

Friday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Roberta took Ruth Shoemaker out for lunch.

Saturday 1991 - [Gatlinburg TN] We walked up to the P.L., met Gullets at 11:45 , drove down to the Visitor Center, bumper-to-bumper traffic, then up to Pigeon Forge, parking lots also full.  Ate at Apple Tree Inn Restaurant after confusion if it was the Apple Barn Restaurant as it was 1/4 mile north of city limits.  Was going to ride the trolley up to the ⃞ dance place, but missed the "starting place."

Monday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Depart Indonesia for Bangkok, Thailand via Kuala Lumpur.

                                                      Jean, HH - Sumatra 1992
Tuesday 1993 - Business is very slow at Wells, so many of our customers are going broke, can't compete with the Walmarts, etc. Heard from the Don Liggets about a trip next Feb., but we have plans to go to the Big Island in Hawaii with Senior Ventures. Heartland called, Mother having high temperature problems and not doing well. Went to Wilmington and had supper at Donatos Pizza. We went out to see John Hughes, said he can't get out of bed by himself and his medicine is stronger. His mind is great.

Wednesday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ] Supper at the Morgans. Wendy has a phone job calling people for donations [that job didn't last long]. Bought new pair of Rockports, light colored at Famous Footwear (8085 W. Bell) [still there], size 13N. Price was $49.99, cleaner $4.99 + 7% tax. [Tax in 2010 is 6.6% state, 0.7% county, 1.8% Peoria, 2% Phoenix, 2.2% Glendale and Surprise, making the total between 9.1-9.5%] Thanks to ball orders business is good at Wells.

Thursday 1995 - Had our flu shots at NV Senior Citizens, no charge for those on medicare.

Saturday 1996 - Three men (Paul is one, has been doing this for 46 years) put down the new flooring in our kitchen. They had spent two evenings doing the recreation room and the other bathroom. Elvis [Wiget, not Presley] is at Extended Care. MV sent another shirt – Joe Cool.

Sunday 1997 - Calling hours for Dorothy Adams (76) in Sabina (Roy Adams 1919-2004). Visited Evelyn Bernard [from Sabina] and Ralph Trenary at Autumn Years. Bananas at Krogers 19¢/lb, milk $1.29/gal.

Monday 1998 - Card from MV, also Ginny and Christian. John called, their library ground-breaking is this Friday. Roberta called re reservations in Phoenix for 11/18 and for week of 11/24. Luby's at Metrocenter has closed. Picked some yellow tomatoes near the house.

Tuesday 1999 - Had ice cream and cake at Wells. Four new stocks in DJI [Dow Jones Index], SBC [now AT&T], Microsoft, Intel and Home Depot, replacing Chevron, Sears, Goodyear and Union Carbide.

Added in 2010:

Catherine said re 1998: Also found a bankruptcy document for Luby's dated 11/27/2002 that the one at 1933 W. Dunlap was scheduled to be closed. That whole corner, including the site on the southeast of the parcel that was once an Ethiopian Restaurant, then Mexican, then Chinese has been demolished and is now covered with gravel, awaiting the next development. The last Luby's in Arizona, the one in Surprise/Sun City West closed in 2009.

From Dad re 1994: At Wells there were several good ball years, one customer used them in a gizmo for a back massage, like 15 balls in each unit and he sold a lot to folks who wanted the latest.

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