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October 16, 1989-99

Cris is enthusiastic

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - A.W. Hause and I went out to Gene Williams and he had marked some trees for us to get to plant around the church, planted 10 and were all done in less than 2 hours.

Tuesday 1990 - Had eye appointment ($35 for the exam) then to see Mother, looks better but little communication.

Wednesday 1991 - Hortons leave for Lake Worth.

Friday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts]  Depart Bangkok arrive Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Saturday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] Serena and Lisa Gooding (she is 38, born 1955) came and they and Roberta went to Hillsboro to see GHU.  Mugs (she is 91) [Georgeana "Mugs" Hiestand Scarborough born April 14, 1905, died Jan 25, 1996.  She was the daughter of GHU's brother Dorsey, 1876-1959.  She had 3 younger siblings: Aileen (married name?) 1907-, Doris (Hilliard?) 1909-, and Frank 1911-1979], ate at the Chinese Restaurant and went to Odd Lots.  We ate supper at the Halloween Carnival and Rose Vesper (our State Rep) came and sat across from us.  She had been to the dedication of the new CMH office wing.  The Crowsons called us up, Don is thinking of taking a medical leave.

Sunday 1994 - Another great day, we walked out Cemetery Road picking up trash, by the time we got to Germann turn off our bags were overflowing.  Betty Lou Germann took our trash and gave us new bags, which were full again by the time we reached NV via S.R.-73.  The walls on Strebers grocery are about half up.

Wednesday 1996 - Went to Cincinnati airport, had lunch at the Radisson.  Met the Morgans at 1:30 and they left at 3 for Baltimore [en route to Lewistown PA for RV meeting, Wendy and Petra then took the train to Lancaster to visit Marianne].  Petra [exchange student from Switzerland] and Wendy seem to get along fine.  We were glad to see Serena.  She plans to move to Asheville NC.  We visited Media Play and had supper at Red Lobster  Catherine brought a BIG bunch of Sunday NYT travel sections.  Parking close to terminal is $1 each ½ hour with maximum of $7 per day.

Thursday 1997 - Went to Wilmington, calling hours for Jack Hatch.  Ate at Walkers Restaurant, $21 and each of us had soup and a sandwich.  Got porch fixed at GHU's.

Friday 1998 - [Fort Wayne to Auburn IN] Looked around Fort Wayne Library, 2 blocks away.  Then to Hortons at 11am at their suggested time.  Seems like they had a multitude of things to do, like go to the bank and see about car insurance, etc.  He showed us his new place of business.  Supposed to deliver an order by Election Day and has yet to get equipment in to turn the stock for gears.  He is enthusiastic, so lets be hopeful it will be a success.

Saturday 1999 - [to Newark, Roberta arrives] Don Chafin spoke on Habitat at our UMC breakfast.  They have dug the footer so Don said we are building families, etc. and not just a house.  Having our piano tuned by Bob Beck from Wilmington.  He was at WC with MV.  Going to Columbus airport to meet Roberta and then on to Newark.  Had supper at the Barn, just off Rt-16 on York Road. [In 2010 asking $329,000, now reduced.]

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