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October 31, 1989-99


 HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Mother doesn't seem to be herself, no appetite and dizzy.  Ed Johnson (our pastor) told me of his plans to retire.

Thursday 1991 - Hortons left for Lake Worth.   GHU seems very good, even "yoo-hoo'd when the paper came.  Burned the first leaves of the fall at Mothers.  Lots of Trick or Treaters this evening.  [Second entry, same date, possibly first part of this is 1990.]  Used the lawnmower to mulch the leaves.  Our last night on the ⃞ dance hospitality committee with Bob and Pat Miles.  Jean went to Wilmington to work on Hospital Twig Cook Book.

Saturday 1992 - [Kentucky] Went to Williamsburg KY museum.

Sunday 1993 - Wade and Jan [Joan? or Lori?] Roby moved out of parsonage, no forwarding address.  Amazing that as a Dr. (PhD) he could not find a job, that he thought was a living wage, owes $800 for two months rent.  [According to 9/13/93 post he was 59 and was either over qualified or too old for any job.]

Monday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ to home] We all had lunch at the Dial Building, the rounded edge building near McDowell on Central, very pretty and reasonable.  We visited the P.L. until time to leave, they are to open new Central P.L. [now called Burton Barr Library] this next spring, a big contrast to the present one which opened in 1952 [which is now the Art Museum].  [The Carnegie Library operated as a library from 1908-1954, 46 years, then 43 years in the "old" library will make Phoenix due for another new library in about 2040!]

Tuesday 1995 - Saw ad in paper about cheap fares to Phoenix, $239 RT so made reservations for week of 1/13/96.  SW also had $19 fare to Chicago.  Got dark brown pair of Sass shoes from Roberta, $58 from factory outlet.  Got a bunch of Sunday NYT travel sections from Catherine.

Friday 1997 - GG and Carolyn really dressed up for Halloween – "Always wanted to see what I'd look like as a blond reading the book The Millionaire Next Door."

Saturday 1998 - [to Columbus, Newark, home] Flint's tree trimming should be here per his visit on 8/26/98.  Went to Columbus, Jean had meeting at Shrine Temple for UMW.  I went on to Newark, 11am ground breaking for new library.  Board had on one color of hard hats, the library staff another color, etc.  We had lunch at McDonald's downtown. They took a TV out in the country, a lovely secluded spot in the woods [John reported in 2010 that the TV was taken for repair].  They are still thinking of that travel business.  We met John, Julie and Kate at Easton Mall still more building going up.  Kate seemed very friendly.  Had supper at Cookers.  John got a big wall map for his birthday, located in Kate's "school room."

Sunday 1999 - [Kentucky] After church went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch.  Susan joined us as Rudy was on one of his 24 hour shifts.  Ginny went for a swim in the pool, we were in Room 107 at the Comfort Inn.  Back to church at 6pm where a Baptist group was also present.  Then went for a snack at Wendy's.  Somerset UMC budget is $462,922.  Director of Music gets $34,280.

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Catherine said...

John reports that the TV taken for repair in 1998 has still not been fixed. This is obviously not the place to take a TV for quick service.

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