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October 13, 1989-99

St. Deiniol's Library

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1986 - Back from the business trip to the Orient, Jack Schylling, Salem MA on trip.

Thursday 1988 - Got new Honda from Honda East, Cincy.  List price, $13,520, 20-25 mpg city, 25-35 on highway.  A place that sounds interesting is St. Deiniol's Library in Hawarden, North Wales.  [The UK's finest residential library.  Has a restaurant and room accommodations.]  Written up in the Enquirer 8/30/87.

Friday 1989 - [Roberta leaves] Got haircut at Greg's, $4, about 9 weeks.  Had lunch at the Winds in Yellow Springs, met Lisa Gooding there.  Visited some of the shops there, then to Columbus City Center, small yogurt cone, $1.39, 3 hours of parking for $1.  Lots of construction out to the airport, when Roberta left for Phoenix.  Then up to see Thelma Holmes (she is 85) [She passed away Nov. 20, 1991].  She would like to have a non-grape popsicle.  Had supper at Captain D at exit 100 on I-71, baked fish dinner $3.9.  Grocery stop at Uhl's.  Wendell is rebuilding our chimney.

Sunday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] GHU to Sunday School, then home for a nap, then we all went to Wooden Spoon, had the buffet for $5.95.  Jo Ann can't work because of back trouble, all help at $5/hour except Elaine at $4.  I started drinking lots of water to get over my runny nose.  88 at church.

Tuesday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Thailand

                                                 HH, Jean - Elephant ride - Thailand 1992

Thursday 1994 - We went to Wilmington for legal business, then had supper at Bob Evans, ate with Donna Cornelius and her daughter, Kathy, who teaches art in Blanchester.  Donna has been on a 3-week Senior Citizen trip to Europe with 43 people.  Also saw Howard Page and Tom Carey there.  The Cincy magazine has the best and worst places again.  Cris and MUH got off about 11am today.

Friday 1995 - [Crowsons visiting] Went to Denver Williams park for a picnic, nice slides.  Reds lose 3rd straight game to Atlanta Braves [National League Champion Series].  Tanya [or Tammy?] Thornburg got married.

Sunday 1996 - Ate at Golden Corral, went to movie, First Wives Club – ugh.  Calling hours for Aleda Purtee.  Frank Young will be 91 next week.

Monday 1997 - [Columbus Day] John, Julie and Kate arrived about 12:30, we ate at 3:30, quite windy today.  Talked with the Morgans, they have new carpet and ceramic tile in their house.  [Still have the tile but replaced all the carpet with laminated wood which we like much better.]  John  brought his birthday book.  Park CEO Bill McConnell is new ABA (American Bankers Assoc.) president.

Wednesday 1999 - Jean had Women's club at Virginia Hildebrant's.  Everett Penn passed away [born 1913].  Women's Club program by Wilma Wood on "Valuable Books."  Had some corn for supper that was frozen on 9/96.  Dug footers for new house across from tennis court.

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