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October 11, 1989-99

MV sings Shaker Music

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Roberta visiting] Jean, Roberta and Grandma went to Wilmington.  GHU bought three new dresses and a new coat (½ length).  Recoated our driveway, plus GHU's, B. Thompson and Wells small area.  Ordered tickets for trip to Phoenix at Christmas time.

Thursday 1990 - [Kentucky to home] Breakfast at MV's, she had made banana bread and baked eggs, etc. for us.  She is working two days/week at Shaker Village (double room $45-85) in the Meeting House, where she sings.  Admission is $6.50, though we got in free (later) because of MV.   She sings on the hour and tells about the Shaker music.  Had lunch at the Summer Kitchen (pie $2).   Stopped at Cincy Court House, called Sankers and supper (Chinese) at Midland, really pretty good.

Friday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] Went to Yellow Springs and met Serena, ate at Sunrise Cafe, four of us for $25.  The Winds Cafe was crowded and meals there started at $12.95.  Long senate hearing on Judge Thomas for the Supreme Court.

Sunday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Hong Kong
Jean Uible - Macau with Liggett group Oct. 1992

Monday 1993 - [Columbus Day] John, Julie and Kate stopped on their return after a weekend with the Crowsons with the last night at the Beaumont Inn.

Tuesday 1994 - [Hocking Hills to home] Went for a walk in the woods across the street.   Oh yes, the room was $90/night.  Made a stop at Ross County Court House, also Hillsboro and had lunch at Magees in Hillsboro.

Wednesday 1995 - Had Hyer [?] guardianship hearing in Wilmington, ate at Bob Evans, Jean had Women's Club meeting at Jo Williams [1910-2007].  Bible Study in PM, 9 present.  Sheila King went for interview at Liberty Bank.  Bill Baugh [husband of Jean Minzler Eaton 1921-2003] died at 72.

Friday 1996 - Jean saw George Rice re our new kitchen and recreation room flooring.

Saturday 1997 - Tore out the ramp at GHU's.  Went to Wilmington.  Milk $1.19 at Aldi's.  Ate at Taco Bell.  Got haircut at Greg's, $7.

Sunday 1998 - [Kentucky] Ginny woke up with a temperature of 105° and Don took her to the hospital at 5am.  Don and I went to monthly Men's Meeting at church.  The basketball star from U.K. who has turned evangelist spoke.  Don was preaching elsewhere so I went back to church on my own.  Jim Byrd is the new pastor.  Ginny improved as the day wore on.  MV and Susan got back about 7pm.  [MV] Saw a lot of Serena and said she looked great.  Serena sent us a lot of granola and MV brought us bagels and a book, Don't Forget the Popsicle [?].

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