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October 19, 1989-99

First snow

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Snow on the ground this AM.  [First snow date in Ohio is similar to the last 100 degree day in Phoenix area.]

Friday 1990 - Mother didn't seem so good today.  She did sit up in the chair.  We ate at the Wilmington Chinese Restaurant.  Tami Cain waited on us.  Gas 136.9¢/gal.

Saturday 1991 - Spoke on the USSR at the 7am Men's Church breakfast.  Had supper at school Carnival. ⃞ dance tonight, Bill Everhart, 127 present, $3/person.

Monday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts]  Depart Chiang Mai Thailand, via Bangkok arrive Penang, Malaysia.  Golden Sands Hotel Batu Feringgi Beach, near George Town UNESCO world heritage site, oldest colonial city in the country.

Tuesday 1993 - [Roberta leaves] Took Roberta to Columbus airport, a damp and very cloudy day.  We drove back to Yummers for supper and were home at 7:50 for the last question on jeopardy.  Roberta is a great help in going to see Grandma.  Bought entertainment book at Yummers, now $35.

Wednesday 1994 - [to Phoenix] Fly to Phoenix on the 7:20 pm non-stop flight from Cincinnati.  Had reservations at Plaza Suites, SE of 33rd and Peoria, $41/night, in room 126.  Cincy parking is $3/day for first week, then $2/day for second week.

Thursday 1995 - Allens had auction sale across the street, moved there 57 years ago today.   House brought $32,000 + 10%.

Saturday 1996 - Painted the toe boards in kitchen.  John called, they have bought a computer.

Sunday 1997 - Minister used a hot pad (used when picking up hot things) as in illustration of trust, it may wear out, but not the Lord.  Drove through Beavercreek, a very nice library on old US-35, interesting book on Counties.  Then had lunch at 3:30 at Cookers in Fairfield Mall.  Back to Wilmington for 1st Annual Bell Choir (5 different ones) at Laurel Oaks.

Monday 1998 - [Auburn to home] Drove to Indianapolis to see Brian Davidson of Pay-Lo, a slow pay, he is west of I-465.  Then to Westin Hotel to see Mie Young, Greg, and Hannah, she will be 2 the end of month, seems very grown up.  Feeds self well and used napkins.  Had on a black outfit with a black hat.  We ate at a Chinese Buffet place in 900 W Indiana block, $5.25/person.  Walked around downtown Indianapolis, looks very nice.  Big Nordstrom store.  Stopped at Eaton library, very crowded, then home via Gratis, Germantown, etc. with supper at Waynesville.

Tuesday 1999 - [Roberta visiting] Jean had UMW meeting here, Virginia Hildebrant was cohostess.  They served apple crisp.  Helen Roberts problem with her P/A.  Roberta took Ruth Shoemaker to Waynesville for lunch.

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