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October 18, 1989-99

Think positive, stay alive

 HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Detroit to home] Rubber Show again.  Jean rode the Monorail, we met at Baskin Robbins, 5 oz. yogurt is 99¢.  Had lunch at Dutch Pantry in Bowling Green after Bob Evans did not have charbroiled meat.  Ate supper at Lofino's, east of Dayton, soup and salad bar for $1.99/lb. Oh yes, also a stop at US Plastic place near Lima.  [Listened to] Swindoll tape on death and the church, as long as we have positive thoughts we are alive.

Thursday 1990 - Went to St. Clair College in Dayton for OSBA credit, Malpractice and Substance Abuse.  Had lunch at Peasant Stock, 424 E. Stroop [Town and Country Shopping Center].  Mother seemed much better.  Went to meeting at Elks by National Bank.

Friday 1991 - Had ice cream at Wells – Boss's Day.  Went to Murphy Theater, National Theater of the Deaf "Treasure Island," used strobe lighting, instant flashes.  Beautiful day.  Probate Court Judge Herman Cartwright announced his retirement, think he still has a drinking problem.  He has been Judge 7 years.

Sunday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Chiang Mai, Thailand

Monday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] Court hearing on Streber eviction, tenant and mobile home tenant.  Mother seemed better tonight, but not really awake.  Jean went to a meeting in Butlerville.  Hortons leave for funeral for Laura [one of Bill's relatives?] in Amsterdam, OH.

Wednesday 1995 - We went to Wilmington on legal business and met Bill and Mary Pat Dailey at Wilmington Inn at 5:30.  They are en route to Springfield IL where she has family.  They seemed to enjoy the lake – they have a 36' sail boat – and then we had supper at Spillway Lodge.  Came back to NV, saw rubber room in operation and got them back to Wilmington at 10:30.  Bill is 58, Blaine 56.  Jim Dailey died in 1965.

Sunday 1998 - [Chicago to Auburn with Cris and Angela] We went to Chicago Temple, parked in garage nearby.  After the church tour, ate at Italian Village.  Empress Theater having open house.  Back to Auburn in 3 hours.  Stayed at Auburn Inn, Laura waited on us.  Wil told us he made the hockey team.

Monday 1999 - [Newark to home, Roberta visiting]  Met the 3 Goodings at Restaurant in Waynesville at 5:30.  We were there for two hours talking or perhaps I should say listening.  Goodings are going on a 7-day trip to Munich and Austria for $1798 each in December.  They have made plans for New Year's Eve to got to Shakertown KY with two other couples.  Bob said he weighs 220.  Still a Harley-Davidson fan and still rides.

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