Friday, October 14, 2011

October 15, 1989-99

Wendy thinks of retirement

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Pot Luck dinner at church honoring the SS teachers and officers.

Monday 1990 - Hard to get Mother awake, though she did have breakfast, she seemed to be getting less and less communicative.  Doesn't seem to know one is there, called NV Emergency Squad.  Blood pressure 208/80.  Called Eddie Bath, took her to CMH Emergency Room.  She didn't want the oxygen in her nose.

Tuesday 1991 - [Clarence] Thomas finally approved for Supreme court, oh the mud slinging.

Thursday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Bangkok, Thailand

Friday 1993 - [Roberta visiting]

Saturday 1994 - We went to Eastgate mall, i.e. Office Max as machine need a new ribbon, circuit City next door.  Looked at appliances, then to Mall and got music book at , Bostonian #GP 57.  Had supper at Boston Chicken on 28.  They are just finishing up on the by-pass there.  We had a variety side dish plate and a chicken sandwich.  Spoke this AM at church at the Men's Group on A Happy Ending, we reap what we sow.

Sunday 1995 - [Crowsons visiting] 66 at church, walked out Cemetery Road, put out a lot of odds and ends at GHU's.  Helped MUH tear up some surplus checks.  Wendy called us, talking of buying stock for her retirement.  Tom [her then boyfriend] is to graduate later this week from trade school.

Tuesday 1996 - Purtee lock box opening.  Her house is a MESS, so much stuff in the bedroom one can hardly get the door open and we haven't found the original will yet.

Wednesday 1997 - Opened Norman Brown lock box.  Article in WSJ about the new Basket Building for Longaberger in Newark.

Thursday 1998 - [to Fort Wayne IN] Left after lunch for Fort Wayne, visited St. Marys [OH] Library, nice place.   Had supper at Cap Jones ½ portion for ½ price + $2, which we both had.  Had room at the Hilton.

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