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October 20, 1989-99

Ruth Shoemaker

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1990 - Margaret Ross estate, big sale.  Annual book sale at County Fairgrounds.  Cincy Reds win World Series in 4 straight games over the Oakland A's.  Pennsylvania turnpike opened in 1940, New Stanton [Carlisle, SW of Harrisburg actually] to Irwin [east of Pittsburgh].

Tuesday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts]

                       HH, Jean at Golden Sands Resort - Shangri-la Penang Malaysia - 1992

Wednesday 1993 - Mother still sleepy and very uncooperative as far as eating and taking beverages.  Dorothy Clifton of Blanchester passed away at 71.  She was sure active as a Republican.  EC and teachers agree on a new two year contract.  Starting teachers with a BA degree get $19,003 and next year $20,475.

Thursday 1994 - [Phoenix to Seligman] We leave with the Morgans and have lunch at Murphy's in Prescott.  On to Seligman for the night at Canyon Shadows.  Ate across the street at Copper Kettle.

Friday 1995 - Went to Phoenix place in Cincinnati for OSBA Trust Meeting.  Parked right next door, $4 fee.  New P.L. addition underway.  Arnoff Center [for the Arts] opened today.  Talked to Mary at 7:45, she hadn't had her supper yet.

Sunday 1996 - Went to CMH for monthly program, relationship of medicine to one another.  Did get our flu and pneumonia shots (unsure whether we had one earlier or not).  Got milk at Bob and Carls for $1.78/gal.  Charlotte Hause in CMH.

Wednesday 1999 - [to Columbus, Roberta visiting] Roberta went to Wilmington and got Ruth Shoemaker and then took her to Hillsboro to see some of her relatives.  Bert got 500 envelopes for me.  She and Ruth ate at Long John Silvers.  Bert also took papers to both Court Houses.  At 3 we all left for Wilmington, then on to Columbus (got gas at 105.9¢), ate at Gottlieb's East [closed in 2000, last of the 55 Restaurant Group to close].  [Everett] Penn family in, it went much better than I expected.  Honda has 74,995 miles.  No word from Serena.

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