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October 17, 1989-99

Kate and Andrew are dedicated

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - [to Detroit] Left about 10:30 for Rubber Show in Detroit, had lunch in car from things we brought.  Got to Cobo Hall about 3pm.  Had reservations at the Red Roof in Troy, where Cris came about 5:15.  They have nice apartment on Coolidge Hwy in Troy.  They are real proud of their "bike" trailer.  Ate at the Sly Fox in Birmingham.  $75 for the four of us.  They pay $2.50  for baby sitter.

Wednesday 1990 - Went to Wilmington about 4pm.  Jean fed Mother, all pureed – meat, mashed potatoes, tomato soup and peaches, she ate everything, but so quiet. [GHU went to the emergency room on 10/15 with extra high blood pressure, admitted to CMH.]

Thursday 1991 - Jean went to dentist, then to Dayton Mall area where I got 2 pairs of 13AA shoes, had supper at Wing Wok Chinese Restaurant, 101 W. Franklin in Centerville, [now Las Piramides Mexican Restaurant at that location] 2nd dinner ½ price.

Saturday 1992 - [Seattle to Far East Trip with Liggetts]  Empress Hotel Chiang Mai, Thailand

Sunday 1993 - [Roberta visiting, to Newark and back] Serena, Roberta, and MUH went with us to Spring Hills Baptist Church (very new), just east of Granville.  Katherine Elizabeth Uible was "dedicated."  She was really dressed up.  We had a buffet dinner at Granville Inn and then went to John and Julie's house, all the children gave me two tennis rackets and now if we could play the game.  Made a stop at the mall at I-71 and 35, Jean got some children's books there.  Had message on our answering unit that they had taken GHU to the hospital, we went over, they were not going to admit her.  She is "out" more of the time.  Sid is spending the weekend in Massachusetts as his daughter [Sarah] is celebrating her 50th birthday.

Monday 1994 - Jean meeting Serena for lunch, then spending the night with other UMW Women in Hamilton.  [Same day another entry reads] Jean returned from her overnight meeting in Milford.  Mary is in a tither about getting ready to go.

Friday 1997 - Put up storm windows at GHU's.  Really cleaned out our garage, planted two trees and four evergreens across the street.  NYT now comes with colored picture on front page.  Learned how to center the internet screen.  UMW breakfast, McCune spoke on Ephesians 5, husband and wife relationships.

Saturday 1998 - [Auburn IN to Chicago with Cris and Angela] What a wet day but really not a problem.  Went first to new P.L., lots of history exhibits on the top floor.  Then to art museum, had lunch in the cafeteria.  Then to Cultural Center where we joined a tour group.  Then to Marshall Fields and back to Library Gift Shop.  Had dinner reservations at the Pump Room, very nice.  We were there 2½ hours.   Cris and Angela went to see "Beloved" at 9:30, a 3+ hour movie, said it was terrible.

Sunday 1999 - [Newark, Roberta visiting] Dedication service for Andrew [interesting that both he and Kate were dedicated on the same day, six years apart] plus four others at 8:30.  John took a # of pictures, then took them to Target for one hour delivery.  Julie had a brunch about noon.  We got a shrimp tray and a vegetable tray at Big Bear ($67).  Jeff and  Lori have four boys, age 9 to 2.  In PM drove out to Longaberger "basket" headquarters, then to Industrial Museum, lots of stuff there.  At 7 we went back to church where Kate had a practice session for singing.  Then John and Julie went to Open House at Stu's for new trust people.  Kate can carry Andrew around.

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Catherine said...

HH adds that Cris and Angela did indeed live in Michigan, where Cris had a job at that time (1989), though the details are forgotten. Ask Cris for more information. After college (c1973) Cris had a job in Belgium.

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