Monday, October 03, 2011

October 4, 1957, 86-1999

Happy Birthday, John!

 HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1957 - John was born, Sputnik launched, and Leave it to Beaver premiered on television.

Saturday 1986 - [Philippines and Korea trip through 10/10/86]

Wednesday 1989 - [Roberta arrives] John is 32 today.  We visited Thelma Holmes first, then "O" College, then met Serena (who was coming from Cleveland where she was visiting friends) and John.  We ate at 94th Aero Squadron [evidently now closed] then met Roberta at the airport.  She brought a bunch of big fig bars with her, they came from food bank.  Kenny Davis passed away, had mobile home place here in NV.

Thursday 1990 - GHU doesn't seem to be herself, asking about changing will to leave $ to the church.

Sunday 1992 - [Leave for trip to Seattle and then on to Far East] Serena took us to the airport for Delta flight to Seattle to see the Kims and then join the Liggetts on 10/6 to fly to the Far East.  Delta 8-pack of tickets is now $964.

Monday 1993 - [New England and Nova Scotia trip through 10/10/93]

Tuesday 1994 - Article in WNJ where Foster Haines clothing store will close all four stores, first store opened in 1878.

Wednesday 1995 - District Governor and Zone Chairman at Lions Club.  The biology teacher from EC (Kim Whittington) spoke on her trip to Belize and Tikal National Park [Mayan Ruins] in Guatemala.  Got acceptance on GHU estate.  Morgans to Durango CO for RV meeting.  Ed Kantners having auction sale.

Friday 1996 - [to Newark] Appointment with Dr. Hein at 8:45, so far so good, out to see Ed Quigley, he will be 93 on 10/18/96.   Left about 2pm for Newark.  I drove part way.  Julie had a nice birthday dinner and apple pie with a candle.

Saturday 1997 - [Freedom Years Riverboat tour]

Sunday 1998 - Talent night at church.  We read that skit about talking with God.  Nice crowd there.  Gas station next to Buckley Mill is closing, opened in the early 30s as a Bonded Station.

Monday 1999 - [NYC]  At the Church Center at 1st Ave. and 44th St. at 9am, an hour lunch break, then 1-5.

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Mary Uible Crowson said...

1998 is Buckley's (or as Dad might call it, Buckley's Mill) in Wilmington near Wilmington College and diagonally across the street (back toward downtown)from the site of the current UDF.

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