Monday, October 25, 2010

Oct. 25, 1989-99 Bob and Pat visiting

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - [Bob and Pat Ballantyne visiting]  The four of us left about 3 for Lake Cowan.  To Lebanon (early bird dinner at Golden Lamb was $7.60) but ended up eating at Spillway Lodge, then to Cincinnati Symphony at Wilmington College.  Don McCoppen finished laying up wall to our planter box and poured a section of new walk in front of the parsonage.

Thursday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Jean, Roberta and Serena drove to Dry Ridge KY to meet Don and MV.  MV came back to Wilmington as she is the song leader for Emmaus meeting.  We stayed over for Kiwanis Meeting to which the Harners had invited us.  Program was by Christine Hadley Snyder  (who was on our trip to Costa Rica) spoke on her recent trip to Cuba.  The physical therapist was to see GHU.

Friday 1991 - [to Gatlinburg TN] Left for Gatlinburg with Mitch (he is 80 but doesn't seem it) and Stella Gullet.  Met opposite the S...ville Library.  Oh the traffic.  We had reservations at River Terrace $80/night, room #7-480.  ⃞ dancing at Convention Center, the 6th annual.  Quite a walk up there.

Sunday 1992 - [Seattle to Far East Trip with Liggitts]

Tuesday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ] Visited old [Carnegie] Library on W. Washington St, nice exhibit on the Harvey Girls.

Friday 1996 - Isaacs have "torn up" their apple orchard.

Saturday 1997 - [Columbus to home] Jean of to UMC meeting at Aladdin Temple (very near Morse Rd.).  met her again at 2pm.  Visited library at Whitehall and Bexley.  We went to the new Easton shopping center, long ways to go.  Got a super sports store there, rock wall to climb.  Met John, Julie and Kate at Hoggy's at 62 and Morse Rd., Julie said her Dad was having trouble with his legs.  John and Julie are talking of adopting an oriental child.  Stop at Lutheran Village to see Homer and Rona Thompson, she gave us this list of furniture that they left with the Davis's [?] some 13 years ago.  He went there in 1/96.  Got gas for 106.9¢.

Sunday 1998 - Minister appreciation at Church.  Had list of 14 families (etc.) to "Build a Bridge," who came to the Fun Fest and who had no church home.  We have the name of Tyler Brewer, age 14 of 200 Rollins Lane.

Monday 1999 - Heard from Mares re Shenandoah reunion in 2000.

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