Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 14, 1989-99

Roberta leaves and returns

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Mother enjoyed watching Lawrence Welk.  Roberta took her shopping this past week, she got a new London Fog coat, 3 dresses and a new hat.  Spoke with Hilda Williams in Charlottesville, their son Mike has cancer in one eye.  Elderhostel acceptance for our trip to Turkey in May 1990 came.

Monday 1991 - [Columbus Day, Roberta leaves]  Went to John and Julie's for lunch, rice, peas, pork, salad and apple cake, good and lots of silverware.  They showed us a house they were interested in buying.  Took Roberta to the airport, then to see Thelma Holmes, she is now in St. Anne's hospital, north of 270 on Cleveland Ave.  Got ice cream at Knights nearby, quite an assortment.

Wednesday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Bangkok, Thailand

Thursday 1993 - [Roberta arrives] Met Roberta at Columbus airport, supper at Applebee's #611, chicken fajita $7.99, soup and ½ sandwich, $4.99.  A stop at Jeffersonville Mall on the way home.  Roberta brought a lot of data on our future Estes Park trip [July 94] and asking for deposit for the first night.

Saturday 1995 -  [Crowsons visiting] Tall Stacks Day in Cincinnati and damp with light sprinkle.  [Evidently the Tall Stacks music and arts event takes place every 3 or 4 years, last held in 2006.  Now postponed until 2012 in hopes the economy will pick up enough for corporate sponsors to part with $$ by then.]  Ginny seems to think she has to have her Mother right now, we did make it down to Wells and back walking.  The Kings were over to see Don and MV. [HH added in 2010: We went on that Tall Stacks four or eight years ago, not worth it. The room on the boat was so small that one of us had to get on the bed for the other to get to the bathroom and it was not cheap.]

Monday 1996 - [Columbus Day] At CMH for CAT Scan, about 10 minutes, actually an x-ray of your chest down.  Rather painless.  We walked over to new school site, it is taking shape.  Bought new battery for the truck, 50 month guarantee.  Visited Vida [or Violet?] Thompson, she has been at Tom Gibson's (he is 62) for two years.

Tuesday 1997 - Jack Hatch passed away, he was 44, had been at Bob and Carl's for 28 years.  [He was married to Teresa Miller Hatch on 8/2/1975.]  Oh the experience with Kim Daniels and that piano.  [HH added in 2010: Kim was the Executor of her Mother's [Flora] estate, she had this old piano (appraiser thought it was junk), anyway Kim wanted Wilmington College to have this piano and she thought it was worth $5,000 (probably thought it was a good tax write off). Wonder what the college did with it. We will never know.]

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