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November 1, 1989-99

Expecting Kate

 HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - My PERS check is now $115.13 from $111.96.

Thursday 1990 - Jean had appt. at Main Medical.  Linn Woods had called us about getting some fish which he wanted to share with us, they were very small but we tried to accept them gratefully (he is windy).  Had lunch at Chinese place, lunch special is $2.75.  In September (while in China) we used 105 cu ft of water or $2.62.

Sunday 1992 - [Kentucky] Spent day in Somerset at UMC, MV got a 10% raise to $18,500.  John and Julie called about their BIG news for 5/93 [expecting Kate].

Monday 1993 -  Ed Johnson wants to retire next June.  Charlotte Hause is in the hospital.  My retirement [see PERS entry in 1989] raised from $161.24 to $164.41.  Jean's is $253.14/month.

Tuesday 1994 - What a cold damp day, water bill for 366 cu ft was total of $33.11.  In 1990 it was $22.45 for 105 cu ft.  Ending reading was 038147, now 59202.  Trash was $4.75 now $6.50.  Retirement is now $172.08 per month.  Article in WSJ about Men's Clothing – S&K Menswear [bankrupt and closed 2009], Today's Man [bankrupt 1996, out of business 2003] and Men's Warehouse [still operating, listed on NYSE under MW].

Wednesday 1995 - Roy Vance spoke on Children's Services at Lions Club.  Josephine Harner brought supper into Jean.  Halpin auction sale, house brought $56,500.  Jean went to Dr. Kim, had catheter taken out.

Friday 1996 -  [Trip to Australia and New Zealand through 11/22]

Saturday 1997 - County UMM (15th Annual) in Wilmington, 9 from our church.  Dan DiBiasio, President of Wilmington College since 1995 spoke on integrity.  [He left Wilmington College in 2011 to become president of Ohio Northern.]  I had the benediction.  NVUMW dinner in the evening, Marg Kirkpatrick headed up the kitchen.  Made reservations to fly to Phoenix next March to coincide with Mexican train ride.  Bob Carey went on at great length about his father-in-law's illness and the problem of taking the FFA to KC, MO.

Sunday 1998 - Helped with the bells at 1pm, then went to Wilmington.  Diabetes exhibit at the Y, then to see Ruth Shoemaker, trouble with blinds, while showing her the moon.  Bell Choir concert at 7.  Streber's gas is 95.9¢.

Monday 1999 - [Kentucky to home] Drove back from Somerset.  Lunch at First Watch at Harper Station (on 22, just north or rather east of I-275.  Jean went to Mother's Club at Ponderosa in Wilmington with Virginia Walker as hostess.  Problems with Tom Gibson and taking care of Elsie.

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