Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oct. 21, 1989-99 Don & MV at Villars Chapel

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Had letter from Catherine re our AZ reservation [for Christmas reunion].

Sunday 1990 - Don and MV had services at Villars Chapel, he spoke on Acts 3:1-8.  Personal example of when he was flat on the ice in Lubbock TX and people never offered to help.  Travel article in NYT re South India.

Wednesday 1992 - [Seattle to Far East Trip with Liggitts]

Thursday 1993 - Hortons leave for Lake Worth.  Flu shots at NV Senior Citizens.

Friday 1994 - [Seligman to Havasupai AZ] 90 mile drive to Havasupai Lodge trail head then eight mile hike.  A lot of the walk was in a dry creek bed.  About four hour walk down.  The Cafe there was very basic and strong on beans.  The motel was nice but dog eared.  Front of drawer off in our room [plus the hot water was off for most of the day].  Met father and daughter from Australia.  They were having a cake walk and one of group "won" the cake.  Jean and Roberta came down by helicopter as Roberta had hurt her foot.

Saturday 1995 - [to Columbus and back] MUH leaves with Cris to go to Auburn, then after Laura's birthday they will head for LW. Met with the Glasses at NB&B Trust Dept then to see Art Bernard's sister at Extended Care.  Had lunch at Lumberton, ½ order of liver and onions for $3.  Then ice cream at Young's.  single dip was $1.20.  Then to Columbus P.L., met John, Julie and Kate at Gottlieb's.  My jambalaya was too hot.  Coach from EC spoke on his building trip to Bolivia.

Tuesday 1997 - Jean had UMW meeting at Virginia Hildebrant's.

Wednesday 1998 - Serena sent us an email that she would be here in 7-8 hours, which she was.  She worked on our computer.  We called Goodings back and forth about going to Pike Lake on 10/27 for hiking.  Becky [or Brady?] Groom is now on Village Council.

Thursday 1999 - [Columbus to home, Roberta leaves]

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