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October 27, 1958, 69, 89-99

Happy Birthday!
 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1958

HH 1958

Monday 1969 - We left for Ohio Bar Trip to Mallorca Spain.

Friday 1989 - #64 [birthday] Had cake at the office, went to Wilmington, had May [Ruth?] court hearing at noon. We ate at 94 South. They had a special for $4.95, onion soup was $2.50. Had Mother up for cake and ice cream. Jean gave me bike sweater. Roberta sent a tape (Dobson), "Where's Dad?"

Saturday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] GHU joined us for Senior Citizens Pot Luck Dinner, Wilmington Librarian spoke. John came about 3, house sale is iffy. He gave me a Woolrich shirt, Jean several Ohio books. Serena arrived after supper. Kathi McIntosh called up, she plans to quit, doesn't get along with Joyce. Hortons returned from visiting Cris and Angela in Auburn IN.

Sunday 1991 - [Gatlinburg TN to home with Gullets] We left Gatlinburg at 8:30, ate at Peoples Restaurant in Berea, buffet $5.95. Stella had two big pancakes. At Boone Tavern the cheapest entree was $13.25. Next stop was Friendly Ice Cream, $1.15/dip. Got home about 5pm. Roberta called about her qualifying for a $300 E.O. discount plus a free trip for getting 3 people.

Tuesday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts to home] Depart Bangkok for Cincinnati via Los Angeles

HH, Jean Uible and Liggett Group at Thailand Palace includes Ed & Mary Wells, Nathan & Marge Hale, Jack & Betty Liggett, Miriam & Bud Roe, Linda & Bob Hinshaw, Don & Jean Liggett, Grace & Ed Seamonds

Thursday 1994 - [Phoenix AZ] Roberta is promoting a trip to China in 9/95, she got us complimentary tickets for the symphony, pretty deep stuff. We ate at a Greek place at the AZ Center.

Friday 1995 - GG and Carolyn went on a bus tour to Nashville, they left at 7am. Had to be at the hospital at 6:30am, operation was at 7:30 with Dr. Kim. Jean was still groggy at noon and had a liquid supper. Stan Hannah is in the next room with a hip replacement. Serena came up in the PM, she is trying to replace our computer. Jean gave me a pair of gray slippers, turtle neck shirt and a potato spade. MV gave me a shirt: "Better to be dead than extinct."

Sunday 1996 - Went to Frisch's for lunch then to Owen and Mary Smith's 50th anniversary reception. Calvin was there, didn't recognize him, he is wrinkled and his wife, Jean, looks so matronly. They met at Duke in grad school and were married 8/57. Then to see Elvis at Extended Care. Then CMH where we helped the Harners bring Josephine home. At 6:30 had program at church, story of the song, Amazing Grace.

Monday 1997 - Dow Jones drops 550 points, Jean gave me an MQ belt and DQ shirt.

Tuesday 1998 - Got our recycle card and a digital thermometer. Catherine made her usual call. GG had pumpkin cake and Carolyn the hot cider.

Wednesday 1999 - Jean gave me tie with geography symbols. She worked at CMH in AM and then on cabbage and broccoli. Gore and [Bill] Bradley in NH debate [for Nov. 2000 presidential race].

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