Friday, October 21, 2011

October 22, 1989-99

Havasupai Indian Reservation

 HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - What a beautiful day!

Monday 1990 - Brought Mother home from the hospital, got along very well. In PM represented Vaughn Reynolds at zoning meeting from H-2 to H-1.

Thursday 1992 - [Far East Trip with Liggetts] Malaysia

Friday 1993 - [to Proctor Center for UMC Laity Weekend] We left for Proctor Center [an Episcopal family center], on R-38, 8 miles south of London OH.  Had Room #1, Cottage 3.  $70 for each of us.  Dinner at 6pm.  UMC Laity Weekend.  Rev. Carl Ling [1926-1997 former UMC pastor in Hillsboro, died of pancreatic cancer] was opening speaker.

Saturday 1994 - [Havasupai AZ] Hiked on down the trail, several beautiful waterfalls.  Ate supper at Jan's, a private home just as you walk into town.  It was really like a 3rd world down there.

Sunday 1995 - Joann and Keith Rankin here for lunch then at 1pm we left with Ray King to go to Mission 2000 at the Dayton Area UMC.  Jean was at Fairborn, Joanne at Exit 7 on I-670 and the rest of us on Salem Ave.  The big church was built in the early 1920s.  My speaker, Rev. Saler was from the Brainard [?] Ave. area UMC Church, very inspirational.  Article in today's NYT about low cost places to stay in London.  Morgans Hotel is in the British Museum area.

Thursday 1998 - Bob and Bev Gooding came about 10:30 am, we had a peanut butter sandwich before leaving for Pike Lake.  Serena had left previously.  We walked the lake trail, .4 of a mile, then the wildcat trail, 1.2 miles some steep places, but very nice.  Drove into Waverly where we had planned to have supper at the Emmitt House, built in 1861.  [Now listed as permanently closed.]  Nice P.L. across the street.  Dinner didn't start until 5, so we had supper across the street.  We would go there again.  Bob spoke of a restaurant in Covington, OH, "Buffalo Jacks."  Bev had fried ice cream.

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